Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Provence impressions

Les "gardians" show their trade in the streets of Sommiéres, a spectacular sight, the sounds, the "Biòu" (small Camarque bulls), the smell, and the locals cheering their favourites.Of course, there was a lot of Roman inheritance to be seen, in Nimes (above) and Avignon (below -not Roman-). We marvelled at their architectural insight, the intricate buildings and the sheer size and grandness of it all.
We were very lucky to be in Avignon during the theater festival and the streets were filled with artists showing bits and pieces of what was to be seen in the theaters, it all made for a very lively and entertaining city stroll. Sipping coffee outside a sunny street cafe, enjoying the various sneak previews. A bit of commedia dell'arte live!
Yes, I sang the song to the delight of my children....not! Although they really liked (yes, they did) the sight seeing but the combined heat and lots of old old buildings inevitably led to this: Luckily their spirits were lifted by a trip to the Camarque to search for these:
and the view from our first camp site was soothing to our nerves as well...To see these guys spinning through "our" village was nerve-wrecking, the speed with which they raced through....yikes! Oblivious to any curbs or idiot viewers.
I can tell you that a plate of this soothed my nerves! I saw quite a few of this chévre, in salads, on pizza or on a slice of -Poilâne- bread; pélardon. Delicious! If you would like to know more, I be happy to refer you to Lucy's informative post on this great small goat cheese.

All in all, we look back on a happy vacation....


  1. Hardstikke leuk, zo'n mini - vakantie - fotoalbum!
    Mooie paardenfoto, en die getergde puber is heel herkenbaar :)

  2. It does look good! hugs

  3. Fijn dat jullie het zo leuk gehad hebben en weer veilig terug foto's zien er fantastisch uit. (Kwamen die paarden niet op volle kracht op je af, zo lijkt het wel een beetje)

  4. Dang! How come I wasn't along! Excellent taste of your trip.


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