Presenting the Bread Baking Babes and their Buddies!

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The Babes present themselves. We're Beautiful, Boisterous, Brilliant, Bold, Buxom, Busy, Bewitching, Brash, Bourbon basted, Bread Baking Babes, that's 12 B's. And, as you know, B-12 is one of the essential nutrients that's found in....bread! We've gathered at the opportunity to be called Babes. (Read carefully: I didn't say our *sole* opportunity, I just said the opportunity, as in "one out of many" .... )

Let me explain a little. There are twelve of us, a happy little group with a passion for bread baking. What we share is a love for fun, baking bread and doing so together. Across country, across boundaries, across the internet. We are about the new coffee klatch in our virtual kitchens, the new over-the-fence talk taking place on the Internet, sharing knowledge, helping each other out.

The modern kitchen table may look just like grandma’s except for that laptop sitting next to the coffee cup. Through the magic of Instant Messaging and Skype all of us are chatting over coffee at the kitchen table, baking bread. All our different houses, all our different kitchen tables, same group. You know; a bit like these communities in earlier Europe where all the women of the village bake their bread on one day, share the communal oven, meet at the hearth, gossip and teach each other, sharing their knowledge. Some of us have known each other for different times; some of us have even met in person. Our experience with bread baking may vary but we all share a great passion and fascination for bread at the moment. And so once a month you can find us together in one of our kitchens: yakking, baking and laughing.

Same recipe, different kitchens, using local flour and sharing what we found. You can read all about our monthly recipe at the Kitchen of the Month, our individual posts to be found at our respective personal blogs.

Let me introduce you to our Baker's Dozen:

We remember Sher at What Did You Eat (our Angel Babe, we miss her).

Our first combined effort in February 2008 was a bread in the "wet dough spectrum"; specifically the Royal Crown Tortano. (Recipe Maggie Glezer’s Artisan Baking) Characteristics of this bread are a mild pre-ferment, the addition of a small amount of potato in the dough, very very long rising time but little handling of the dough, using the tiniest amount of yeast to produce a deep dark brown crusty loaf of bread.

You can find the recipe in English at Mary's. I've made this bread several times and already posted the recipe in Dutch and talked about the bread here and here.

Since this bread we've baked up a storm. Different recipe each month, each with their own characteristics exploring bread in the broadest sense. Either wet or firm, made with sour dough, sweet, savoury, steamed, rolled or shaped in any possible way. To sample what we baked click the label Bread Baking Babes.

Now.. don't think that's all!

We have the name, we have the logo but we're not keeping it all to ourselves. No, any one of you can join if you like and make the recipe we feature, in the week following our posts. We'll be happy to follow your adventures and grant you a Baking Buddies Badge. 

If you would like to become a Bread Baking Buddy with us, here’s how it works:

  • The Kitchen of the Month will post the recipe and you'll find any information about due date for posting in their post. We bake each month, each month in a different Kitchen.
  • Email The Kitchen of the month with your name and the link to the post, or leave a comment that you have baked the bread. 
  • Post your "baking the bread" experience on your blog mentioning Bread Baking Babes with a link to the Kitchen of the Month.
  • The Kitchen of the Month will put up a list of our Bread Baking Buddies at her site and send you a neat BBB award for this bread that you can then add to your post on your blog.
C'mon, you know you want one of those badges, so cleverly designed by Lien! (thanks Lien, you're a gem!)