Thursday, August 07, 2008

It all depends on where you stand, near raspberry bushes?

Every now and then I wonder. A foodie? Me? As in most cases it depends on where you stand, or rather where the people around you stand. Those little boxes with neat labels on it are usually made by other people not yourself. Perception. Nice word. I like that. It could be something I live by.

By some standards I am. A foodie, a foodnerd, crazy, gadgetfreak or simply difficult or would-be. On the other hand, I know I'm too frugal to pay an outrageous amount of money for something you stick in your mouth and is gone forever. Story of my life; trying to keep a balance and by that never belonging or fitting in one category or the other. Hmm, as I said.. story of my life.

Why all this? Because we had a very nice and very simple dessert yesterday which I deemed not blogworthy due to the simplicity of it. On the other hand I see blogposts stating the obvious (my obvious that is, you know: perception) and every once in a while I think ha, I make that but never would post it... As of now I will try and be less firm with myself.

So what did we have after dinner? A small bowl of nice thick Turkish yoghurt dressed in vibrant red; our first raspberries. In this heat the darned fruity flies almost got to it first so here's what I did to prevent that.

In a small saucepan heat
4 tbs water
5 tbs sugar
cook until sugar dissolves, add
a hand full raspberries (I do have big hands!)
continue cooking for a couple of minutes while gently stirring/pressing with a wooden spoon.

Mind, it wasn't jam I was after, just preserving the fruit for immediate use, today or tomorrow. Resulting in a nice thick syrup, either put it through a sieve to get rid of the seeds or eat as it is. I used a colander which removed the better part of the seeds.


  1. Looks luscious and yummy!! Sometimes the simplest things are best! I hear you for the rest of the story and know the feeling! I think we're probably a bit to demanding for ourselves.

  2. I'm with you on this. Most of the time we don't even bother to photograph, or document things ... but then, every now and again, we realize: not everybody knows how to do something like this, nor would think of doing something like this, so maybe we should talk about it! Like the no-bake lasagne we made the other day: ordinary, ugly ... but helpful to know about!

    I've often wondered whether there's something that could be done with those raspberry seeds, because they really do overwhelm the end product! I'm thinking they could be ground up and incorporated into a facial scrub. ;)

  3. @Davimack: Ha! Now there's a thought! You bet I'll try something like that, I just remarked to my son that it was a shame to ditch all that vibrant red clinging to the seeds. It'll look quite scary though when applied...

    @Lien: I know...and I know you know too!

  4. Hey that is just lovable!

  5. That is one beautiful dessert. I think (oh, is this ever pompous, but I'll say it anyway) eating well has two sides- the first, recognizing what is perfect, and not spoiling it, and the second, using a bit of ingenuity to turn less than perfect bits and pieces into something delicious.

    Both require taste and discernment. And that post is a perfect example of the first side. Well worth blogging about, IMHO.

  6. I know what you mean with the push and pull between blog-worthy/simply eating-worthy. Something as pretty as this, though, I think you're justified in including pictures and a post. :)


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