Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Shifting gears

Have you ever been making lists, but before checking them twice, life got in the way? Well that sort of happened to me last week (and I have a notion this will go on for a little while....quick quick, type, momentum!).

Last week I could almost hear the gears clicking in my head, the moment I had my goals set, something happened and one list rolled away to be replaced by another, suited to fit the circumstances of the day. It was good though, to be able to just be there.

So, yes there has been much cooking going on, versatile, spur of the moment, ever expanding cooking and yes, it was good. But as it happens the stuff you bring to the table in these circumstances must have a lot of qualities; it should feed a crowd, able to expand in minutes should there be more mouths to feed, best prepared in advance, oozy with comfort, easily neglected and reheated in an instant, happy to be on the stove/oven somewhat longer.... trusted recipes that won't let you down.

There was vegetable soup, wraps, lasagna, green beans, roasted chicken, the best roasted potatoes ever, stifado, home baked bread, cinnamon buns -yet again!-, miracle pie, and probably some more. All in all, food that said: come on in, have a seat, let your guard down and relax, I'll make you some coffee, tea, make the beds.

There was more than the one lonely chicken this time, I used a plethora of chicken legs, but the recipe is basically the same. A couple of onions, peeled and quartered, some unpeeled garlic cloves, fresh herbs of your choice (I used rosemary and thyme), lemon quarters, unpeeled, a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh ground pepper, some smoked paprika, a drizzle of honey and olive oil and just a few little knobs of butter to get things started. On the bottom rack of the -fan- oven at 150C. On a rack above there was a similar large oven dish filled with thickly sliced potatoes, pre-cooked for just 7 minutes, dash of olive oil, some ground cumin, salt and some ground ancho chili flakes....roast away for an hour or so. You'll have your hands free to do some other stuff and ready the green beans to accompany in under 20 minutes.

Take care all of you!


  1. Crowds are the best to cook for, few would dare complain.
    Beautiful chicken! I know I'd have loved the potatoes! hehe!

  2. I could feel the welcome in your writing there and know the food was great. Just off to check out miracle pie.

  3. Meid wat is dat toch...regelmatig als ik bij jou een comment plaats moet ik of 3x zo'n lettercode intoetsen voor hij OK zegt óf (en dat gebeurde dus net grrrrr) is mijn hele tekst weg. Ik sta toch niet geblokkeerd of zo ;D. OK nog 1 poging dan....
    Isn''t that the best way to cook for and eat with lots of nice people. That chicken looks delicious, I wish my kids would like chicken too (on the plate that is, not in the garden laying eggs). And where was I when the miracle happened with that pie... I must have printed it somewhere, but it vanished. So I just reprinted and will get our son to make it, he always wants to help cooking. So I hope the miracle will work.....

  4. Nou je Miracle pie was een wonder:
    Heel goed gelukt én een hele trotse zoon die 'zíjn' toetje presenteerde. Geweldig én lekker! Bedankt voor het recept!


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