Saturday, June 03, 2006


Yes it's lasagna, but focus point here is this beautiful piece of handcrafted pottery. We bought five of these when vacationing in the Provence, France. We visited this village, all small steep streets, beautiful views and lots of small craftsmen workshops. Paintings, pottery, needlework, fabrics, ceramics.... Fell in love with these immediately but tried to be sensible.... Upon the third passing we decided to at least buy these as a preliminary birthday present. But all the items in this particular shop were just so lovely....
I still love to use these and they make me happy just looking at them.


  1. Our attactment to things is different from our attactment to people. Still our attactment to things lends a great richness to life. What a joy to have and use the things that bring happiness into our daily lives. The bowl is beautiful. Lasagna looks good also.

  2. Good for you for giving in! What a beautiful piece of pottery and it's so original.

    Delicious lasagna, too!


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