Sunday, April 29, 2007

Koninginnenach (t) The Queens day!

Tomorrow is a national holiday; it's the day our present Queen visits two cities in Her country and waves to Her subjects. And the subjects wave back of course, dressed in all colours orange, with funny hats and wigs, waving flags and all kinds of other things. Part of the tradition is that all the royals are taking part in the visit and join in the festivities. So if you would like to see a real Prince dance a folkdance, ride a bike, try to pry a cookie of a washline blindfolded and hands behind his back, (the infamous "Koekhappen") this is your chance! Yes, this is Him on the picture.

The best part of the fun is the "vrijmarkt", the open market where everyone sits out in the sun, spreads a cloth on the ground and tries to sell his/her obsolete household objects to the innocent passers by. In fact it is getting so popular in our biggest cities people are fighting (all in good spirit) over preferred spots the night before, hence: the Queens night where the festivities already begin! Lots of beer, music and sleeping bags involved.

And now..beat drums... This year Queen Beatrix and her extended family will visit our town! Yes she will be visiting Den Bosch tomorrow. Soooo, when you live in Den Bosch, and you have this weblog, what would you do?

Dear readers, on your behalf I will jump on my bike tomorrow, fight the crowds and try to get a glimpse of the Royals so I can post about it tomorrow evening! Did I say I'm not exactly fond of throngs of overly enthusiastic people, elbowing their way to get somewhere I don't want to be in the first place?

Poooh, the things you do for blogging!


  1. Veel succes en zet je ellebogen er maar flink in hoor, alles mag in tijd van oorlog.Voor de beste foto's moet je 1e rang staan. Ben benieuwd. Kom morgen weer kijken of het gelukt is. Groetjes Wil V

  2. Oh my yes the things we do for our readers!
    Hope the crowd stays away from you and you get some good photos. Good Luck.
    The market sounds like great fun.

  3. Can't wait to see what pictures you get!! Fun to hear about your traditions!


  4. Ben benieuwd naar je foto's- al wordt het wegens drukte alleen maar haar hoed ;-)
    ( het schijnt dat ze nu gaan vishappen- moet je dat weer uitleggen aan je buitenlandse bezoekers....)

  5. Meid wat ben je toch dapper. En dat voor je blog en Vaderland!
    dat vishappen heb ik ondertussen op TV gezien, vind koekhappen toch wat vriendelijker.


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