Monday, April 30, 2007

Koninginnedag Den Bosch, The Queen's Day (2)

Landmark of Den Bosch: the St. Jan Cathedral, on the square in front of the cathedral was a large tented stage where all kinds of acts were performed during the day. The Queen passed by this square, where childrens showed the Royal Family various kinds of plays.

And the already mentioned "koekhappen", which in this city rebirthed as: "Bossche Bol happen" with our local pride the Bossche Bol or as they say here: "sjokladebol" (a huge cream puff dipped in chocolate ganache). Here you see a miniature-version.

(Secretly I think the Royals are bored out of their minds with all this stuff. I for one wouldn't blame them for taking a hike upon the first sighting of dangling ropes and cookies.... High heels, hats, bouquets and all!)

Impressions on our way to the city centre..., the camera's, television people, photographers, men in black with "ears", the orange crowds getting thicker, all in a good spirit.
Anyone needs anything orange?

Just take a look around and original outfits are to be found everywhere!

Music on every corner of every street, from salsa to carnival, from classic to caribbean.

And of course the local High and Mighty on the right (I bet you thought it was a music band ehehe) although I think they were more high than mighty since the place they were standing was across(!) the street from the townhall. I quess the only thing they were allowed to do was wave to the Queen from a distance but hey, they were on a raised, secluded platform in their tuxedo! Which ofcourse is exactly what you want on a hot sunny day. We were all very jealous.... (NOT)

A view on the flee-market, where half of the population goes home with the other half's dumped stuff and vice-versa. Children are trying to make money out of their music-lessons, and entrepeneurship reigns. Some of the statements written on cardboard to help sell items are just too funny! What to think of: Despite good intentions only used it 5 times. Powerplate for sale, place your offer!Timo and Wessel were invited to join a hockey-clinic, (Timo in the yellow tee), not hockey players ourselves we are not exactly familiar with hockey stars, but started to feel something when parents shoved their kids to pose with the ladies. These are the stars of our National Team! Lady on the right is Mijntje Donners. Wessel played Minke Booij.

Missed the stories here completely, the guys on the left belong to a guild and re-enacted the capture of Den Bosch? And the Watertree is from Mexico and blooms with orange balloons? Haven't got a clue....

And when you're down and rest your butt on a windowsill....

or search out your bike and go home!

What? Oh you were waiting for photo opportunities with the Queen or one of her Family....
Well, what did you think? This is all I can offer folks.. on the back exit of our cityhall we ran into the Queen's bus...... and we waved and waved.... If you enlarge the photo you can just see the little golden crown on the bus!

And last but not least; let me introduce you to a blog where you can read, hear and try to speak
our beautiful Dutch language. click to hear how you should say: Koninginnedag in Dutch.


  1. I think I'm going to like this place and these folks.
    I love the orange!
    If you had a hard time finding your car in the car park however do you find you bike?

  2. Darn!! I knew someone had to mention this!

    Something tells me I am going to hear this forever!

  3. I listened to the language site and am trying to figure out how a Texan accent will translate into Dutch?? Cool shot of Timo with the lady hockey player! The Dallas Stars might be offering him a contract soon! Can't believe we will be there soon to see some of the same sights!! Thanks for the tour! Sue

  4. Laat ik het maar gewoon eerlijk toegeven: ik was best jaloers dat de queen naar den bosch kwam. Ik ben ZO op zoek naar een grote foto of poster van onze Koningin, maar nergens te vinden. Ik had graag een echte foto van haar gehad! Voor in mijn nieuwe gang, want je woont op het Beatrixplein of je woont er niet natuurlijk.

    Zelf heb ik ALLE "kraampjes" gezien in Haarlem. en KOUD! BRRRR! Al bij de eerste de beste kraam zag ik MIJN servies.. ALLE ontbrekende delen! Maar veuls te duur natuurlijk, en die mevrouw deed zo onbeleefd (ik word oud) dat ik haar heb gezegd dat ze de pot op kon met haar troep. Hahaha, wat een lefgozert ben ik toch.

    Maar wel een Goedewaagen fruittest gescoord, helemaal trots, voor vijf euro! Vier uur slenteren, en dan voor wel vijf euro een ding kopen (wat overigens voor de gekochte waar bepaald niet duur is). Nou ja goed.

    Verder heb ik alle kids met lef spelend op trombone, pianootje, viool, blokfluit enz enz een donatie gedaan. En HEERLIJKE koffie (want warm) gedronken.

    Het leven is zo gek nog niet.

  5. Welcome to the Daring Bakers. What a Challenge we have this months.

  6. It looks like a lot of fun! Is this in Amsterdam? Do you live in the city, or did you go there for this occasion?

  7. Görel, No this is not Amsterdan it's Den Bosch (southern part of the Netherlands) We live very close and rode our bikes there.


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