Saturday, April 28, 2007

Roasted veggies

See? I'm back on track! Three posts in a row... And such lovely piccies too!
Roasted vegetables tonight, I wish I could say I had it all planned but alas... this is the result of frantically searching the vegetable drawer (read: basement vegetable holding baskets)

Raiding the spice cabinet for pepper, salt, dash of balsamic vinegar and some lime olive oil, add some fresh herbs like thyme and basil, pop in a few whole garlic cloves. Some cherry tomatoes for color. (And the superb splash-in-your-mouth-experience). Went in the oven on 180C for oh 30 minutes or so. Some crusty bread and a little grilled fish on the side. For dessert we had a slice of this apple cake. Had to throw in some unhealthy stuff too, forgive me.


  1. Aw man eating outside how wonderful.
    Yes, great photos! Gorgeous veggies where ever they came from! Just a small slice of the cake will be just right.

  2. They are lovely photos! Stopping in from Daring Bakers site. Glad to meet 'ya.


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