Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So maybe this would work?

Read this? What do you think? Should I try this?

My thoughts:

Son no. 1: Mmm worth a try, would probably work better if I hid some food somewhere.

Son no. 2: Nope. Is definitely not going to work. He would read, smile, write a really really funny response back and go on his merry way.

Son no. 3: Might work, he would spend only the necessary on food and save the rest to add to his clothing allowance.



  1. I LOVE this!
    All of it!
    Sports bag. Would a dead mouse have been any worse?

  2. :-) I enjoy this sneak-preview into the world of living-with-teenage-boys (mine started High-school just now).

  3. boys. tsk tsk. I'm afraid our girl isn't one bit better. International dust bunny conference in her room this week!


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