Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cleaning frenzy in a teenage household

Yesterday I had a -rare- day of instant-gratification-clean-the-house-NOW! So while enjoying my first cup of coffee I made a list (hah, how typical! Don't you love crossing off items on your list?).

First the downstairs... tidying, picking up things and deposit them on the stairs, hanging the first load and loading the second laundry, vacuum, mop.. Climb to the second floor, vacuum, change the beds, open windows everywhere (what the heck is that awfull smell in teenager no. 2's room?***), fold two baskets of laundry and distribute.

Take a deep breath.

Up the second stair where the lairs of the remaining two teenagers are.... Grab stuff from the stairs on my way up. (Because they just step over it a hundred times or think the stairs are just 13 open drawers).
Room Son no. 3 is a mess. This fashion puppy will go to the trouble of carefully composing his outfit plus the hair but nevertheless throws his stuff on every single flat surface. Plus the annual international gathering of dustbunnies takes place in his room this year. I get the swiffer from downstairs and sweep. I don't pick it up and just pile it up for him to see.

Enter son no. 1  's room. The student one who is still living at home. We think. According to the knee deep mess in his room he is very agile. He must be because he couldn't reach his bed otherwise.
His desk is almost invisible under all the junk. So is his desk chair.
In a burst of anger I take the sheets off of his bed and sweep everything that's on the floor, his desk and the chair ON his bed. HAH! That'll teach him when he comes home tonight!****

Although..... scroll back to the above picture... I think that is what will happen.

*** the gruesome smell is located. My fear was that one of the cats couldn't get to the litterbox in time but all evidence points to his sportsbag.... Yes. I don't want to know either. Soccer shoes. Note to self: buy Fibreze.

**** Aaarggghhh!!!   I crumbled! Discovered that he wouldn't be home until very late. Like past bedtime late. Because he started rock climbing. Which is a good thing. So. I eh. sort of backed up and put all his stuff in a big laundrybasket, made up his bed with fresh sheets. Yeah I know. Not good right? I did put the laundry basket on top of his bed though....
Do you think he got the hint?
No me neither.


  1. Thia draws look exactly like my daugther's bed!! LOL
    She has 17 ...
    Only I think the times pass so fast!!!

  2. Methinks that his friends need to be made to hang out in his room with him ... particularly those who he might find attractive. Problem will shortly be solved. :)

  3. Hmmmm, this sounds like my office - except that it's stacks of papers and books rather than mountains of clothes that I have to highstep over to get to the narrow pathway that leads to the computer.

    It's WAY past time for me to make a list and go on a cleaning rampage. (For lists, I like to draw a box [_] beside each item and then directly after I complete the task, I mark the box with a huge flourishing check mark while triumpantly calling out "Check!") Yes. Definitely time to make a list. I'll begin now:

    [√] Locate paper and pen [CHECK!!]
    [_] Clear area on desk for paper to make list
    [_] Make list

  4. So funny, the 13 open drawers. Isn't it ridiculous that they just don't see it lying there?? Were we like that too once?
    (I would have done what you did, cleaning the bed, that's just being a mother I guess... silly us)


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