Friday, September 16, 2011

Bread Baking Babes do the Twist; Pretzels

BBB logo September 2011As much as I twist and turn to make everyone happy I couldn’t get the twist on this dough…

Elle as our Head Master of Kitchen table said the following: “let's gather around the kitchen table as the fabulous Bread Baking Babes delve into the past...610 AD in fact...and we can decide if we believe that these bread morsels were used by monks of that time to teach little boys to pray or to reward them for staying quiet during Mass...or both. That's the story behind Soft Pretzels, called Bretzels in German. The traditional shape resembles hands folded in prayer.
I really don’t dare to say it out loud but I’m afraid I made B…!  Try again: B…!  Honestly I tried but they became B… instead of pretzels! Pinched of pieces of dough, rolled them out in ropes, even got as far as to make a horse shoe shape and then somehow they coiled up into BUNS! *shudder*

IMG_3757There. I’ve said it. Buns. Not pretzels. 

Feel so ashamed.IMG_3755

But boy did they we have fun that night! I bashed late into a party that was going on for a while in G+, all their breadies were done and the girls were ankle deep in conversation/wine. That’s the atmosphere I came in and had to bake. Yeah I can see you feel so sorry for me… Not! IMG_3754

Never mind their shape, the boys here ate them anyway! I feared the dipping in boiling water and the inevitable wrinkling afterwards (I cried out for help and from 4 girls around the globe came the answer that a really short stay in water evens out all the wrinkles. Now girls, think of that when you run your hot bath!)

Our girl Elle over at Feeding my Enthusiasms will have the recipe up for you shortly, I wish you words of wisdom, wines of fun and happy channeling cinnamon when you bake and become our Bread Baking Buddy! See Elle for the details and bake with us!


  1. They look so good!! I just took mine out of the oven ... yes I know I'm late... and ate one, but I didn't make a picture yet. Too good. Better get the post on. Wish I could have read this before, about the wrinkling, that's my fear too, bagels likewise looking like old ladies. But the cinnamon sugar covered it all up yay!!

  2. They're quite beautiful, and I'm thinking that they're far better than pretzels! :)

  3. So it's a twisted pretzel that just won't show it's twist! Who cares, the twist was there. Heavens with all the wine, everything was twisted that day! But so much fun.
    Beautiful b..., I mean pretzels.

  4. Twisty B! They look delicious regardless of the shape. And I love the sweet coating!

  5. Regardless of how they were "supposed" to turn out, I could eat one (or two) right now :o)

  6. adorable little Betzels you have there!

  7. I think 'bretzels' is the perfect name - whatever, they look scrumptious. Send one over now, please to have with my tea.....

  8. So that's why ther were called Bretzels at channeled the original ones. Gorgeous and with so much cinnamon and sugar no wrinkles to be found. Lovely! Sorry I missed the fun and wine, too.

  9. Your Bs look wonderful! And when I look at them without my glasses on, they look JUST like pretzels.

    Here's hoping that I manage to finish making pretzels. I'm just about to go down to the kitchen to shape them now. But I think I just heard a cork being popped off of tonight's red. (Wish me luck!)

  10. Lol, they look absobloominglutely delicious whether they cooperated or not! I just loved the cinnamon sugar version.


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