Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bread Baking Babes bake Potato bread with chives

We have been baking again, this time Sara invited us at her kitchen table in her Kitchen of the Month April and bring her some chives. In between all the rubble in my backyard I found some newborn sprigs of chives! Remaining from last year and trying their best to cheer me up with their vivid green.

Not enough there yet to use in this bread but it was nice to see anyway. Another thing that is nice to see is how this bread turned out.
Well I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. See, I baked the bread. Twice. And for the life of me I can’t remember if I took pictures. I think I did. But the batteries in my camera died, the battery-charger is eh somewhere in this mess that was once our house so no. No pics.

However, I can tell you, URGE you to bake this bread. It’s good. I baked two loaves in one day and they lasted 1.1/2 day. That good. Potato in bread dough? Excellent addition every single time!

I did play around with it, first loaf was baked following the recipe Sara gave us but I substituted 1 cup light whole wheat. I used all the liquid stated in the recipe and got a reasonably wet dough, so I would suggest when you are not baking with American flour to hold back some of the liquid and adjust as you go. This one I baked free form on a baking stone.

The second time I went hard core whole wheat, using a dark variety with some white flour thrown in and added caraway besides the chives, baked in a cloche.
Loved that one!! The crust was amazing and the caraway added a nice earthy punch.

Sending you to Sara over at I like to cook for the recipe, will try to find A) batteries, B) charger C) this breads pictures.


  1. Caraway .... shucks, I love it. Oh but not a problem I'll just bake this one again.

    It will be great when that kitchen is done!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful bread.

    Unfortunately avoiding carbohydrates in an attempt to lose some of the holiday weight. Sigh.

  3. I think it's amazing that you managed to bake this bread in between finding bricks and making coffee for the builders, so I won't yell at you for not taking any pictures ;D.
    I agree lovely breads to make and eat.

  4. I can totally understand what it's like living in a construction site. I'm amazed you baked it twice!
    I found the dough quite wet, as well - used almost another full cup of flour.

  5. Snaps to you for going hard core whole wheat. It sounds lovely! I imagine some beautiful pictures in this post. :-)

  6. We believe you when you say it looked good, keep the zen and float on among the rubble instead!

  7. I agree it's really a great bread. With or without a picture. :)

  8. Thank you for welcoming me so graciously to Bread Baking Buddies. I'm totally intrigued by the WW version of this bread. I must try it. Hope you've found your charger. I would love to see the pick of the whole-wheat - caraway loaf. I'm looking forward to baking the next bread with you - until then, all the best.

  9. Looks really delicious!! Thanks, I'll try this soon! :)

  10. Ugh, I don't care for caraway at all but the whole wheat version sure sounds delicious! I must try that one next. And I agree with previous comments, you are one brave lady to keep up the baking even though everything seems to be in pieces around you, good for you!

  11. Caraway would be a great addition to this bread next time! Lovely loaf!

  12. Hee hee! I am glad I wasn't the only one who made the bread and had no photos! Glad you enjoyed this one.


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