Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gadgets that work! Is it a clock? Is it a frisbee?

Nooooo, but what is it? I know, do you?

You both are right and what David said in the comments is what had me grinning all the way from the back of the store to the register... Ah great minds...

This plate will help you divide a round whatever into odd parts. Or rather even parts. Odd numbers. Hmm. Picture a pizza on the plate and in this example 5 hungry family members. Your first cut will be starting at the "0" on the bottom of the picture and then slice starting at every "5" you see on the plate. Ofcourse we tried it immediately and it really works.

Not sure what the crèpe recipe is doing there in the center, can't imagine dividing a crèpe into so many parts but since we bought in Britttany I figured a crèpe recipe and this plate was the ideal souvenir.


  1. I love to bake however with me having very little time to bake cause of my job at narconon.

  2. Yes, I think it's a plate with serving sizes for round cakes. If you cut at the '9's, the cake will be evenly divided in 9 pieces.
    Lovely gadget!

  3. Hmm. But: would that be elegant? Either you place it beneath the cake, and have everybody see it, or you somehow arrange it atop the cake, in which case the icing is smooshed. Not Good!

  4. What a clever idea. That's a pretty cool gadget! I hope you had fun in France :o) The closest I got to France was two weeks ago when I was in Vegas for a biz trip and stepped inside the Paris hotel. It's beautiful. Love the little shops, especially the bakeries with all their pastries. I had one of the best millefeuille over there.

    Funny you had a similar waffle making experience. The recipe I tried was from The Sweet Melissa Baking book. I have a link to it in the bottom section of the waffle post. Yours?

  5. What a fun idea!
    I was thinking folds.. or something. I love new gadgets.

  6. A wonderful gadget, I love it. They always complain here that I can't divide pies in equal portions.

  7. Like...I like...I like it, very much. This would be perfect for apple cake ( a fave in our home!)....

  8. This really would come in very handy!!!

  9. It is very convenient, we're a family of 5 so.. Can you imagine the whoops and cheers when I first used it on a pizza?

    @Hanaâ: it's here:

    They are Marion Cunninghams recipe..


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