Monday, October 12, 2009

WCB We're not supposed to.. (1)

Sample the cantaloupe while the Mrs is getting her camera...She wasn't too happy about me climbing the Christmas tree either but that was some time ago when I was younger. Can't say it's very clever to drag a tree into the house huh? I was allowed to use the strawberry basket though.

Finally it's my turn now to do some blogging, I guess the big white guy with the blue eyes looks good in pics but let us not forget who is her favourite! *retracts claws and purrrrrrs*
He never gets any extras but since I can tell time I always know when she is in the kitchen doing the real interesting stuff. Not the doughslapping and mixing but the stuff that smells good you know? Meat, bacon, cutting sounds... aaah... I will come and stand straight up holding the kitchen cabinet handles and nudge her with my paw. (No nails, absolutely no nails here). And then she will drop a little something, sometimes.

Oh yeah it pays to be all cute and cuddly unlike some other big white cats I happen to come across!

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  1. That is one pretty kitty!

  2. What a cute kitty! Love the coloring and they're so funny how they like to get into boxes like that!

  3. haha..cats do things like that. They are so naughty but you have to forgive them because they are so cute.

  4. What a fascinating pattern on kitty!
    I love the sneaky melon-licking shot. ;-)


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