Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Something sneaks up my caramel madeleines

and I'm almost ready to quit! I'd love to show you what I did, but our internet connection is getting worse by the minute. I have accumulated lots of pics; can't upload to Flickr, not to Blogger. Connection switches on and off every other second. Really frustrating. I hope this will get better when we switch over to another provider but that's not going to happen until 10th of December. Until then I'll keep trying to upload pics.... be somewhat silent here and continue having interrupted conversations on Skype. So sorry!! Caramel cake revisited. Yup, I made it again! This time I made cupcakes and twiddled some with the recipe to try and give it more lightness, adapting a very tasty but dense cake to a very tasty and fluffier one. I think that's a European or even Dutch thing with cakes.I didn't alter much, just substituted plain ap flour for self raising flour while keeping the baking powder and that resulted in fluffy cupcakes and some madeleines made with left over batter.
Halved the recipe for practising purposes, this amount gave me 12 medium cupcakes and 9 small madeleines.

Recipe in metric:

72 grams butter
120 gr sugar
1/4 ts salt
half of 1/3 cup caramel syrup
1 egg (european medium)
few drops of orange extract
140 gr. self raising flour
1/4 ts baking powder
1/2 cup milk (room temperature)

Tasted a madeleine myself, presented some to the workers, fused the remaining madeleines with bacon and caramel... match made in heaven!!


  1. Double frustration because I'd love to see this cake fluffier! Sounds grand except for the internet uck!
    All my caramel syrup is gone ? ? I think we were robbed while gone;) and all they took was the caramel syrup!

  2. EEEEEKK . . . bacon, oh not a mouse sneaking up.
    Bacon wrapped madeleines!

  3. Bacon makes everything better...


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