Monday, December 08, 2008


.. house used to have two chimneys. Once. Now it has none.
.. family used to have internet access. Once. Now we have none.
.. house used to have designated spaces for its contents. Once. Now it has none.
.. television channels could be viewed. Once. Now we have snow. (We can watch snowy television simultaneously on two sets, both ends of the room. One old, one new. Isn't that fun?)

Christmas is near..

The loss of chimneys might have some consequences for a bearded man dressed in red and white.
The loss of internet access might have some consequences for the peace in our family.
The loss of order might have some consequences for good spirits.
The loss of television reception has above mentioned consequences. All of them.

Christmas is near..

Happen to know if there was a scapegoat among the animals in the barn?

They can't access their school schedules. MOM!
They can't find their board games. MOM!
They can't find their clean shirts. KAREN!
They can't play internet games. MOM!
Their rooms are a mess. MOM!
They'd like to start at 7.30. MA'm?
He can't get to his travel gear. KAREN!
They can't get electricity. MA'm
They'd like coffee at 9.00. MA'm?
They broke two drills on our chimneys. MA'm

I can't upload anything. I need to contact people. EEEH?

There's peace and quiet in the local library.

We're looking towards a television/internet/telephone wizard coming in on Wednesday. I fear total loss of everything by Wednesday night. If the wizard is coming as scheduled and promised.
We're looking at two holes in the roof today, fixed tomorrow... So they say.
We're looking at a major hole in the roof next week. Fixed over the next week. So they say.

There's peace and quiet in the local library. And a coffee machine. Books. Internet access. I think I'm going to stay. At least until Christmas.


  1. Meid wat een drama. Blijf maar lekker in de bieb en neem een broodje mee voor tussen de middag!

    Maar wie weet, gaat het deze ene keer wél goed met Ziggo en is overmorgen alles gefixed... dat zou toch zomaar kunnen?... misschien?... deze keer dan toch?...
    Veel sterkte!

  2. I wish we could sit in a nice warm coffee shop, it wouldn't be quiet but that would be good in this case.

  3. Dat is niet mis en dat zo kort voor de Kerst! Zo te lezen is je humor niet aangetast en kun je daarmee de lieve vrede bewaren.

    Nog even uithouden en als alles mee zit, ben je met Kerst uit de problemen.

  4. Take the next train here and I will take care of you!

  5. Oh I feel your pain! I hope things calm down for you soon.

  6. It will all be worth it and until then the library sounds like a good place to hang out. Take sleeping bag, hide it somewhere inconspicuous. You hide at closing time and when everybody has gone you call your family and get them to join you, if you want them to join you that is. A few nights of peace and quiet and little picnics on your own might be just the job seeing as it's crazy time of year. Take care. x

  7. Photo now, that seems like a very positive!!


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