Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Baking Soda gets purple. All over.

They say a car without a top is classy and stylish. A house without it's top is not anywhere near classy and stylish. It's cold. Maybe because it's winter. I don't think people owning topless cars drive it in winter. There might be a reason for that.
Yesterday night this room was wrapped in blue plastic, with the lights on it was a crazy sight from outside. No roof, no windows, no wood, just clear blue plastic. Today they've installed part of the roof already.
Front door is open. Roof is open. No doors inbetween. Nice draft. Wearing purple today. From the tip of my nose down to my thermo underwear, longsleeved t-shirt, fleece vest, bodywarmer, shawl and toes. My hands are a nice shade of pinkish purple.

I'm going to bake. All day. Where's my Carpenters Christmas songs cd?

'Tis the season to be jolly...lalalalaaa lalalalaaaa!!
PS: Did I just say I was cold? You know what's cold? Go over and read why Kansas would like a ticket to Hawai.


  1. Oh, hon, I don't know that baking would be enough with no roof on. Definitely time to go out for coffee. Or is it time for the spa day?

  2. Most of our winters it's still a reasonable temperature at this time of the year. just now you've planned to rebuild the house, it's suddenly an early start of the frost.

    This looks a lot like my formal summer holidays; it always started to rain from the moment on we left home till the moment we arrived home again.

    Lynn's suggestion sounds welcome; a day in a nice sauna.

  3. Can't worry about Kansas, we've got snow in Dallas and it's all the cold I can manage.

    Love the sound of all the purple you're wearing.

    The new upstairs is going to be fabulous! Wonderful window!

  4. Well, it will be stylish when it's done. Meantime, baking .... that's enough to warm you, the builders, your family, friends .... Here's to the new upstairs :)


  5. Ow wow, het wordt dus een uitbouw. Gaaf joh! Mja, het is ff een diepte-investering dat je huis nu op z'n kop staat, maar dan ben je snel weer vergeten hoor! :-)

  6. Well, at least baking will take your mind off it all. The library sounds better, but I guess you need to be where the action is.

    Hope all is calm and bright and buttoned up by Christmas!

  7. Have you read the poem 'When I am an old woman I shall wear purple'?

    I'm very excited for your new upstairs. I'd love to have a new upstairs.

  8. Oh how I baked..cookies, cake, stollen, bread meaning to get ahead on my schedule but it's all sort of disappearing here! I take it that's a good sign.

    A spa day Lynn, Marjoke... love the sound of that!

    Elle, Aranka..yep sure do! Though it's so nice and quiet at the library...

    Amanda, the Red Hat Society! thanks for reminding me!


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