Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Il Tricolore: Not rubbing it in, just roasting...

roasting veggies, originally uploaded by BakingSoda.

Ready for the oven; Il Tricolore...a mix of red green and white. Fresh vegetables, some onion and garlic.
In a small bowl mix the following:

- 2 tbs olive oil
- 1 tbs balsamic vinegar
- chopped fresh herbs: I used thyme, basil, parsley, oregano
- salt and pepper

Add to the vegetables and mix again.
Oven 175C, roast for 20-25 minutes. You might like to add a topping of breadcrumbs and cheese mixed with some rosemary during the last 10 minutes.

Great match yesterday, has been quite a while since we've seen our team play this kind of soccer! Kids went to school dressed in orange today, now they are allowed to!

FYI..... Holland 3 - Italy 0 (smirk)


  1. That just looks so summery!! (I wish our kids qould eat stuff like that!).

    3-0 it's a miracle! I was watching another channel, but the cheering heard in our street let me no when to change channels and see the replayed goal. Until I got caught up and stayed watching. And even our boy wore an orange shirt.
    (Never thought I'd be talking about football on a blog..haha, you see the orange madness got me too..)

    and you see I finally found out how to be notified when there are new posts on blogs (took a while) and not missing anything anymore.

  2. hmmmmmm. well just because you are you I will let it pass....

  3. Sounds like the soccer mania is a lot of fun! Your roasting veggies pic is so beautiful - the colors really pop.

  4. What a great way of celebrating! :)

  5. Wat ziet dat er prachtig uit, het water loopt me in de mond!

  6. Nog niet eerder mijn groenten op deze manier bereid. Wel verschillende keren op TV het door Jamie Oliver zien doen. Nu gaat het er ook van komen. Zo te lezen is het een koud (of beter gezegd 'warm') kunstje.

    Tja, ook ik zat op een andere zender. Normaal gesproken volg ik de wedstrijden van Oranje, maar ik had er deze keer een hard hoofd in. Nu heb ik een prachtige wedstrijd gemist :-S

  7. Now that's my kind of dinner regardless of the football connection;))
    Great fun!

  8. .. and today they kicked the hec out of the french 4-1. This is perfect party food!

  9. These veggies look so beautiful! I would frame this pic; I'm a big fan of natural, edible art - like fresh veggies :D.


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