Monday, June 09, 2008

Tonight is orange

Yesterday was red, but tonight, tonight it's Orange all around. The madness has struck again, the country is draped in orange, entire streets redecorated, there are 15 million coaches on the couch and we all know best. Mind you, not a ball has been played yet, no match won...

It's the European Soccer Championship and in a lot of households this means that evenings are scheduled around the matches. Tonight? At 6 it's France-Romania and 8.30 Holland plays Italy in their first match. Effectively? Dinner on the couch, coffee in enthusiasm-proof mugs. (And I'm afraid 4 sad boys tonight...we're in a very tough first series; playing Italy, France, and Romania).

Soccer brings out the sillyness in the Dutch I'm afraid. Grocery stores sell and give away all kinds of items -food and non-food- special edition in orange. You'll see lions everywhere (our national "heroic" symbol). Commercials in print and television have but one subject...

Let's play and win first shall we?


  1. Aren't we dutch silly!!! We haven't played a decent match in decades... still showing the victory from EK 88, just sad really. Well my guess it'll be all over after the 1 round.
    Not great football maniacs in our household (though I used to be when I was one myself can you believe it!), so we can eat at the table...or outside

    (why is this thing always punishing me, letting met insert crazy letters once, twice.. more letters everytime..grrr)

  2. Well if that's silly Dutch, I say you're just here with the rest of the silly world, sometimes the balls are different. Enjoy dinner on the orange couch . . . you have put an orange cover on it to protect it from the orange . . . .

  3. OK... deal: eerst spelen en winnen..:-))

  4. Hi, sweetie!
    I'm a sucker for football - love the stuff. And every time Brazil is not playing, I root for Netherlands! I love how talented the team is.

  5. Well...."we" did it! Unbelievable!

    Goed he, Marli!

  6. Time to go on a girls night,Karen , where there is good food, wine and the only orange is in our juice glasses !
    I hate football and all that madness ! HELP , I'm deperate these weeks !

  7. Het ziet er naar uit dat die 'Oranje Finaletaart' eerdaags tóch uit je oven zal moeten komen rollen...


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