Thursday, May 15, 2008


Mosquito's... Vampires....Dentists...Guests maybe?
Would it help beat hay fever as well?
We're back from camping, as a matter of fact we came back last Thursday but the loads of laundry and getting the house and myself back on track took somewhat longer than I thought. I think I saw my kids wearing the same clothes for days (that is allowed when camping, as long as they don't smell...) and still that washer kept spinning. The temperature changes during our short vacation made us scramble for the heaviest fleece vests, hot water bottles and only 4 days later the kids asked for their swimgear. Crazy Dutch weather!
We moved 1 kid one flight down from the attic as we finally filed for a building permit for expanding the attic. Getting rid of the old messy chimneys, an extra window and a roof extension (surely not the correct word in English). All this means we need to empty the space and maybe even have to remove the laminate flooring..yikes!
Not sure why we always get busy upstairs when the weather is clammy anyway, but beds have been changed, rooms are in order and now I've set myself to the task of eliminating long overdue sewing jobs. I've gained some *cough* weight and eh... , something needs to be done.
The kids are on their last stretch in school, which means that the twins are preparing for the musical, the traditional fare-well camp, their 12th birthday is coming up at the end of the month. At the same time saying goodbye to their familiar surroundings by preparing their end festivities makes it clear that it is indeed time to think about diaries, schoolbags, books... The scary next school is coming closer! As a matter of fact they will have introduction sessions next month, but Wessel had his first taste yesterday afternoon. He is going to enter in a special English class and had to do a test. He was so nervous, all alone, no one he knew and no twin brother...
I sat in my car for 5 minutes after he went in and finally pulled myself together, it's not going to help him and the option of being a butterfly on his shoulder to encourage him is not open to me (see gaining weight and sewing jobs ;-D)


  1. Mom's, Dad's - parents dropping kids off and then sitting in a car to get a grip on themselves, that is certainly a classic! They talk about if walls could talk. I'm of the mind our cars could tell more sometimes.
    Also very familiar with that butterfly, weight gain, keep me busy job syndrome!!
    Exciting about the house. If roof extension means raising it higher to make more square feet then I get it.

  2. Ah, camping. I sure loved that, getting away from "civilization". I loved not worrying about keeping up with the news or TV. Everything was so simple when we were camping.

  3. yes, we really have to pull ourselves together and stop worrying so much. cool and hard as diamonds is the key!

  4. Your camping trip sounds so fun! Nice break from an otherwise crazy life, huh!? I bet your kids loved that.

  5. Great you had a good time camping!(Behind my husbands PC again... computer went back to wonderboy.. it acted quit strange...hope I can get it back tomorrow!!)
    Well fortunately it's getting colder again...ahum, so perfect to do some building activities. Great to extend the attic, I always had my room in a very small attic as a child, I loved it (though an extention would have been good then!)
    Ahh and the other stuff about letting go, kid all alone at scary schools... you know I feel what you feel,very much so!

  6. Camping... I remember that, vaguely... No phones, no internet, no TV... Is it still like that or has WiFi invaded?
    Sounds like heaven~

  7. Wifi has invaded but not to the campsite we were at! I even returned to my crosswords, huddled in my fleece, sipping a drink to keep warm...

    Later we gazed at the sky, looking at the stars..


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