Saturday, May 17, 2008

WCB, Waiting for Godot?

My first entry to Weekend Cat Blogging, this weekend being hosted by Chey's Place. I have lots of posts lined up but they all need something to finish, either text or pics and I just can't find the time/spirit to do it. So it's Cat time.
This pic cracks me up. Ever since our cats came to live with us we are debating whether to keep them indoors or let them out to play. Mixed feelings, we don't want our cats to bother the neighbors, evidently we don't want them to stray or loose them to traffic. Kids are terrified they will walk away to never return... Mom is terrified of the stuff they will bring in...
The lay-out of our house is such that it's near to impossible to keep them indoors during summer, I need to open doors for fresh air and the kids and their friends are forever in and out. Impossible!
I think the cats have decided for themselves.


  1. Wonderful photo!
    We love our neighbor's cat to visit. Sometimes he spends hours sleeping in the sun up on the trellis in the wisteria other times he hangs over the pond looking for fish. Whatever, his smell keeps the mice away!

  2. Love youre picture....and the cats. We've the same discussion going on.
    Well, cats will decide themselves if you like it our not.

  3. Ah I am indoor only. Sigh. But I do look at the door like that!

    Just to let you know, I have your link set for WCB.

  4. That is adorable!

  5. We don't let our cats go outside at all because we live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in Brooklyn NY. But they love to stare out the window and dream about going outside. I'm always sad that I can't let them out. But the alternative is even scarier since the city streets are no place for an indoor cat.

    It's nice to meet you kitties. I found your link on Chey's site for WCB.

    Yaffa & Sebastian

  6. That is a great photo! They love the door!

  7. The kitty here doesn't go outside, either. We live on the 2nd floor in downtown San Francisco. But we love looking out the windows.

    That's a great photo, staring at the door. And such a contrast - same pose, different colors. Very cute. Plus, we really like the "Waiting for Godot" reference ;)

    Welcome to WCB!

  8. We don't stand by the door; we likes to sneak up when the beans aren't watching and try to escape!

    Do you know your two kitties look like ceiling cat and basement cat? Maybe that's why they can't make up their minds which way to go!

    Welcome to WCB! We're new to it, too.

  9. welcome to weekend cat blogging!
    the cats looks so sweet. momma is terrified about us being outdoorcats too so we have to stay inside. DUHR!

    purrrs Kashim & Othello

  10. Stasia isn't allowed outside because she could be eaten by the local wildlife here. But she has visitors from the outside who come to say hello. She doesn't like them on her patio at all!

  11. Ooh...what a sweet photo.

    I've always lived very close to major roads so the kitties have never been allowed to go outside. Bean does make the usual spring break for freedom but he gets caught. I'm always afraid about him escaping (he's a black cat and people do bad things to black cats)...


  12. Oh my, they've grown so fast. They're beautiful. It's a tricky decision to make but if you have to keep windows and doors open maybe better that they're used to going out and become streetwise, than to escape some time and not know what to do. Then again if they don't go out you at least know where they are all the time.


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