Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun and facts, a meme

A meme brought to me and you by Naomi of Straight into bed cake free and dried and Stephanie at Cupcake, my love. Naomi tagged me for 7 random things and Stephanie for 5 fun facts.
I took the liberty of combining the two, for fear that I can't come up with 12 curiosities that you would like to know about me...

that's a whole lot of numbers up there, and I know for a fact that numbers aren't my thing at all. If there was something like "dyscalculia" when I was the age of my children I'm sure someone had diagnosed me as a minor case. As a matter of fact, when I was talking to one of my neighbours a couple of years ago and I failed to point in the right direction (not knowing left from right) he asked me if I could read my watch right.
I laughed and said well .. no, my watches always need to have numbers or at least pointers on the dial. He furthermore questioned me about my ability to do math.... which is near to none. He said: well, that figures. Those things are connected. And left me standing speechless.
He was/is a practising psychiatrist.....

Three kids and no career. Fun fact. Especially when people used to think it would be the other way round for me. I remember once dutifully oohing and aahing when a co-workers showed her newborn baby and walking back to my office one of my other co-workers said to me: you really don't like children do you? Well I think I do like children, just not all children. Or maybe I just learned how to over the years.

Ever waltzed into a wedding reception, chin up, head high with your skirt tucked in your panty hose?
Yup, been there, done that.

I'm a creature of habit.
Never been able to do things twice in the same way. No traditions in this house that I can think off. Only habit I am a creature of is smoking. Yuck! Wish I could get rid of that one! Although I am fairly happy that I was able not to recreate nr. 3.

Scents take me back in time. My memory of things past is not great but smelling something can transport me back and show me a mind picture of when, where, and what.

I have a very large head. Or a big mass of hair. Whichever you choose. (I prefer the latter or maybe it's both which is even worse I guess). Fact is that I can almost never find hats that are big enough to wear comfortably. It's a good thing I wasn't born when women were supposed to wear hats at all times.

Yes, that's me. Red jacket, big head, lots of hair.

when re-reading the introduction I noticed that I stated that the 7 random and 5 fun combined were 13.. need I say more?

- Lien, I don't know if you've ever done this one, but you're on girl!
- Marli, here's one for you as well! (Nieuw blog, nieuwe ronde?)
- Kansas, I've been reading you for a while now and love it, in for a meme?
- Jes, care to join the 7 or 5?
- New to me blogger, Kickin' up Dough, play along?

For the rules to these memes I gladly refer you to the two ladies on top of this page. It's about how to play, what to do, who to tag...


  1. You and the psychiatrist are just wrong. Bet he couldn't figure bread ingredients like you can! You can do math when it matters:)
    Um could you repeat that panty hose trick just once for us here in the peanut gallery?

  2. Quick what's 12+9? Quick, quick! (Just kidding!) LOL

    Sure I'm in! Even though I hate these things I can't turn ya down :) LOL You'll have to give me a few days to try to come up with something... mmm I'm already thinking!

  3. I also have a big head/lots of hair. I can never find hats that fit me. And I'm not so great at math, either!

  4. Uhm...31? 21? Must be somthing with a 1! Thanks for playing Kansas! I promised myself this is the last one...although..I still have one left (actually two but I have forgotten about that one).

    Tanna, you're right, when I know why it's a lot better. A sale? I do percentages quicker than you would think! Sorry, not planning to repeat dorkism involving panty hose and skirts..

  5. That's a great meme, glad I tagged you. I have this cute image of Crystal Tips (of the huge hair fame) with her cartoon triangle skirt tucked in her pants whilst trying to figure out which way is right.

    From the picture you just look like someone with a normal sized head and a good amount of nice glossy hair. Maybe it's the hat people? I can never find hats to fit unless they're berrets, so I think it's just a conspiracy amongst hat producers.....

    x x x

  6. Between you Deborah and me, I think it's obvious: it's not us, it's the hat people!

  7. In recepten staan ook allemaal cijfers.....:-0
    Leuk om te lezen Baking!!
    (ik denk nog ff na of ik het 'stokje'aan zal nemen..)

  8. O dear... thanks???
    (maybe just for you, just this once, just after a few glasses of wine, just if it's in chinese????) I'll think about it.

  9. Check out for a full list of symptoms you never knew was part of dyscalculia.

    And I'm the same about clocks and left/right.

  10. My Meme is done!! Yaaaaay! :) LOL

  11. Mine is done too.. (not yeah!)


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