Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tanna's Lemon tea cake bread

From her kitchen to mine and maybe yours as well? Frankly I don't know why this is called "bread" because to me -and my kids- it shouts: I'm cake, eat me!
And that is exactly what they did...until they discovered that the hint of lemon was indeed a bit much for their sticky hands and greedy faces. Gna, gna that means there was more for us to enjoy! I am just a mean old mom!

Next time I think I'll grate the lemon peel instead of using a zester. I baked this batch in 8 mini loaf pans and the amount of lemon juice on these size of cakes might have been a bit overpowering. Not that I mind, no way! Darling little cakes, come to mama....


  1. I always wondered about the bread name myself but that was how FiFi wrote it on the recipe so it sticks. All that lemony sugar how could it not. FiFi used less lemon juice also. Did one recipe make 8 mini loaves? That would be a lot of surface area to soak with that lemon sugar!!!
    They are really pretty gold bars! I'd like to do some like that little and wrap them in gold paper!

  2. They look beautiful! We are 'gek op' lemon here. Well, three of us are! I make a pound cake with a lemon sugar syrup that is lovely, but I will have to try Tanna's recipe too!

    Karen, do you use a microplane zester? I am considering getting one for my birthday.

  3. Those loaves look lovely! This is something my own mom would love because she loves lemony things to death! But I think I will also like these sweet little cute! They would make great presents...especially in gold paper as Tanna suggests...


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