Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Een lichtpuntje

Deze is voor jou M., dochter van hele goede vrienden, beste vriendinnetje van onze oudste zoon. Samen twee handen op één buik, al vanaf ze elkaar in de peuter-speelzaal tegen kwamen. Al heel lang verhuisd maar nog steeds na al die jaren aan een half woord genoeg. Dat is bijzonder. Bijzonder genoeg om hier een lichtpuntje voor je te maken, om te laten weten dat we aan je denken. Hou vol he meisje, het gaat echt goed komen.

This is a little light for you M., to let you know you're special, to Floris and to us. Keep on going girl, you can do it!

"Hope is like a candle flame,
it flickers now and then.
Sometimes we all need help to see,
the strength that lies within.
For life's not always easy,
We're bound to have some sorrow.
But hope can keep us going,
for a better day tomorrow.
So when you light this candle,
and the flame is burning bright,
may it bring you hope,
and turn the darkness into light."

Poem found here.


  1. Karen, thanks for this wonderful poem. It speaks from my heart also. I guess must have something to do with what you mentioned recently - bad times in your neighbourhood. But wherever - so many can identify with it. Much love to all Five of You ! Take care, angelika on behalf of the three flying apples

  2. Angelika's right. I think almost anyone can relate to the wonderful kindness expressed in this. Lovely poem and sweet candles.
    I hope it brings that spark and brightens the darkness for it's intended.


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