Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Portuguese Sweet Rolls

The recipe can be found here on their site, as well as in the King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. I have mentioned here before that I would love to visit their company (and shop!) in Vermont and the ultimate dream would be joining one -or a couple- of their classes... I know a couple of baking friends from Bakkerswereld who would gladly join me. Imagine, a Dutch invasion in Vermont! Lindy from Toast I know would be happy to participate too. (And I bet Tanna, and Sue, and Angelika and Ivonne and...and...) Wouldn't that be nice? Ah..dreams. And money...and opportunity, but let's not talk about that, just dream..
And whilst dreaming, enjoy a roll -or two- with home-made grapefruit marmelade and double cream, or real old cheese with real butter... A cup of tea, heaven.
I followed the recipe to a t this time, the dough will not rise very much so don't be disappointed, the bread will still be quite light and airy. I particularly think the amount of butter and the lemon are great contributors to the flavour!


  1. Oh! I love that book! And I love these rolls ...

  2. Those look gorgeous :)

  3. ah, I would be happy to join in as well - even a bigger Dutch invasion(!);)
    wow, these rolls are looking really wonderful! - they're making me hungry! =)

  4. hi! it's been a while since i did my bloghopping. and yeah i can go to blogspot again :)

    those are gorgeous-looking rolls, remind me of a similar bun we call pandesal. really great!

    hope u remember me... iska of edible experiments


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