Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Semolina bread (2)

Several days ago I finally made the semolina bread following the recipe Lindy provided. The photo isn't too good, I decided to wait till the next morning to have better lighting but came in the kitchen just in time to find three boys happily munching away and the Husband with the breadknife in position. Whew! Too much adrenaline too early in the morning.
I don't know much about differences in flour here and in the States, not from experience at least (where are those tickets for that trip to the States, I need to compare and blog-buy equipment and buy, buy, oh, well, stuff!
King Arthur here I come! Please enroll me in one, no, make that all of your classes) . I tried to make a picture to show the texture of our Dutch white breadflour on the left and the semolina on the right.
Furthermore I managed to make the usual 12 hour biga into a 36 hour biga. I simply forgot it's existance. There, now you know why babies cry! So that you don't forget they are out there. Although I hereby solemnly declare I have never set one of my babies in the windowsill.

Digress? Who? Me? From semolina to Dutch mills to Vermont and babies?

Ok, I made the bread, it lasted exactly two hours and that means it is seriously good. It even got raving reviews from a bunch of 14 yr-old classmates. (Breadbox son nr. 1, they were only allowed to look, not to sample).
For the recipe, go over to
Toast or for a slightly different recipe look at this one which was based on Beth Henspergers recipe. I think I like this one even better, because of the great crust and ovenspring.


  1. Please, take me with you on your trip to king Arthur's.Oh, if only we could find a ticket somewhere...and a lot of money to spend...

  2. Love the bread!

  3. Oh, you are too funny! Of course that's why babies cry!
    My friend Sue and I attended a King Arthur (free) afternoon seminar, it was really fantastic. It would be really way fun to do all their classes. I'll have to work on that idea. Now, I think it would be way over the top if we could sign up a big group of bloggers for a week of classes!
    36 instead of 12, see how forgiving dough is!

  4. Heel erg lekker brood! Las gisteravond je post, gelijk naar de keuken gegaan om de biga te maken en voila ... vanmiddag heerlijk brood uit de oven getoverd :-).

  5. Hoi Arden, het is echt lekker he?
    Wat denk je? Zullen we gaan sparen voor King Arthur classes? Gaan we met zijn 3-en...

  6. Puik plan........:-) Ooit, ooit, ooit komen we er!


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