Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Round Lake Siljan

Tell me, you're not getting tired of my Sweden-monologue? Or better still, don't tell me, I'm enjoying myself too much!

We did a round-the-lake-trip and visited lovely villages, including Nusnäs, which is considered to be the home of the only authentic Swedish Dala Horses, handcrafted, handpainted! We wondered about the amount of old american cars on our way which was only obvious since the Classic Car week was about to start. Enjoyed a coffebreak with waffles and cream and Hjorton sylt, (I bought a jar to bring home and yes it is still unopened) a preserve made from cloudberries we had the opportunity to pick and try them during one of our hikes and they taste great, although I prefer the preserve....)

A few days later it was time to move on and we said our goodbyes to Johannisholm with an evening of campfire, marshmellows and wine (adults only).

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  1. Don't stop, I can tell you'r having fun and so am I! Looks like everyone is fun!!


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