Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cooking in Sweden

Floris and Husband setting up kitchen
Although I have been very lax in cooking this holiday, at one time I had a kitchen with the most beautiful view I will ever have. Look at this! This was the only time we had our kitchen set up because we were staying there for 10 days. The other days I have been cooking in the communal kitchens provided on most campgrounds. Great invention. You take all your stuff there, cook your meal, schlepp it all back and have dinner. Sometimes there are dinnertables or picknicksets provided so you can have your meal there as well. This one was taken in Växjö in the glass blowing district.
Trying to read the Swedish directions on potatoe-flakes, some real cooking going on!

What would you like to do? Some well deserved R&R during a hike, building a fire, roasting some sausages, making new friends and toast cheese-sandwiches.... (The guide is watching!)

Or... would you prefer to build a shelter in the forest ?
They had such a good time!

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  1. I love your style! What a really wonderful trip. You wonder how being on the water can be so beautiful. Wonderuful pictures.


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