Saturday, April 22, 2006

Keep 'm rolling

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
To punish myself for being lazy, yesterday afternoon was spent in the kitchen, trying 3 new recipes, baking 4 loaves of bread and frantically trying to make this a success while shuttling kids to and from school, to friends to play after school and one of them to the basketball practice at 5.30! As you might have quessed I was radiating heat myself at one point of time and not all of the things were accomplished quite the way I expected them to be.
The spring rolls were the easiest though but took some time to roll. There were a lot of things going on in the kitchen at the moment so I chose not to be too adventorous and opted for a lot of freshly chopped vegetables (carrots, leek, bell peppers, sprouted soy beans, omelette, bamboo shoots and mung bean noodles). Stir fried, added some fresh grated gingerroot and oyster sauce. Well into rolling I took some time to look at the packaging and discovered there were 40 sheets.... Keep 'm rolling Baking! In this household the Husband is in charge of the deep-fryer and did a wonderful job. Soooo good! Some sweet chili dip and a bit of Hoisin sauce....Yummy! The remaining 24 rolls are tucked in the freezer right now, I hope they freeze well.


  1. I would like some of these please. I guess mailing the surplus is out of the question?

  2. You know what? I'll come and bring them myself! Gives me the opportunity to sample some of your strawberry rhubarb pie..

  3. Baking Soda,

    Those look just wonderful! You know I still am a bit scared to try any Asian or Oriental cuisine at home. You may have inspired me to give it a try. Delicious!


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