Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Macaroons or macarons?

Glutton Rabbit is hosting the second Hay Hay it’s Donna Day event at her blog Pearl of the Orient, and this is the recipe she posted along with the challenge.
Soooo, okay, aah, well, I can do this, I could participate. This could be my first blog event. (Nerves starting to jiggle). I can do macaroons. Boy, could I do macaroons! Well you know what, before I start let’s google the darn things. And then things started to get blurred.

What in the world is a macaroon? I assumed it would be the almond and/or coconut based piped cookie on a piece of edible paper (“ouwel” in Dutch). In Holland these cookies are called ‘Kokos makronen”. Even though you don’t speak Dutch, you’ll see the similarity in the words. But then, I have seen various shapes and appearances in blogland too. (Macaroon being the new black?)

Google macaroon and you will find loads of pictures, and loads of blogs featuring macaroons They range from the coconutty to the airy merengue creations of Pierre Hermé and Laborée in Paris France. Back to the drawingboard..being my grandmothers 1930-ish issue of "the Co-operation Cook- and Household Book". I'll post about this book later, it's fun to read.

These are the bigger version of the merenque "forget cookies" (as my children like to call them) my mother used to bake for birthdays. All egg whites and sugar with flavourings. No feet, no smooth surface intended like the french "macarons"

Eventuallly I ended up making two batches of macaroons.
Almond Espresso Macaroons:
2 egg whites

pinch of salt
125 gr. almond flour
125 gr. sugar

1 tbs espresso powder

Rum Coconut Macaroons:
2 egg whites

pinch of salt
100 gr shredded coconut
100 gr sugar
rum essence
orange zest of half an orange

Preheat the oven to 150ºC. Beat egg whites to soft peaks, gradually add sugar. Gently fold in the coconut (or almond flour), and zest (espresso powder). Fill a pastry bag and pipe cones or circles onto the edible paper (wafers? Don't know the proper word). Place on a lined baking tray, and cook for 15-20 minutes depending on size, or until light golden. Each batch will make 15 cookies.


  1. ... bij elke foto die ik zie vraag ik me dan af.... wie eet dat nou allemaal steeds op? Die spriet van een man van jou? Die slanke kereltjes die je rond hebt lopen? Jijzelf die nog steeds (redelijk... ik ga het zaterdag bekijken) door een lampenglas past?

    Of ben je inmiddels dikke vrienden met al je buren?

    Ik hoef er alleen maar naar te kijken en ik voel de flubbers over mijn broekrand hangen...

  2. These are lovely. But what are "edible paper rounds"? That doesn't sound like anything I know of!

  3. Hi Lindy,
    I know! It is quite a literal translation, couldn't do better, and believe me..I tried. These are paperthin circles made of flour and starch (actually there are various shapes and sizes available)and I think it is the same thing you would get in the Catholic church when you go and receive Communion from the priest/pastor? Oh my, someone please help me out here, I'm not Catholic either... I'll post a pic soon, promise!

  4. Baking Soda,
    Wow. You're really really early ; )!! These are lovely entries and thanks for sharing the background about macaroons. Do stay tuned for the round-up.

  5. Thanks for joining in Baking Soda. I love the peaked shape you have achieved

  6. Another Dutch word wich isn't so old fashioned is Rijstpapier, which could translate to "rice paper?"
    Maybe this helps.


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