Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bread Baking Babes get cracking

BBB logo september 13

Or maybe this Babe cracks it a bit too much...
warned by one Babe that the baking time resulted in softish crackers I decided to up the baking time by ten minutes.... and oh boy did I get crackling crackers!

Toothbreakingly so.. Such a shame because they smelled so good. And looked really good too.

I used a majority of whole wheat with just a little white, and combined a topping with what I had on hand which was blond sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, almond slivers and a sprinkling of Ancho Chili pepper.. Rolling out proved not too difficult at all; an easy job. I cut the dough sheet with a pizza cutter but left them attached with the idea of breaking them on the cut line after baking. Ah the smell of these crackers... but despite their yummy looks they were largely inedible they were so so very hard. Will try again because the bits and pieces tried were really tasting very good.

I used the remainder of the topping on the sauteed green beans for dinner last night. Not a bad idea at all I can tell you!

Tanna as our hosting Kitchen performed her duties in a packed kitchen (not packed with Babes mind you but packed as in put in boxes!) with the added hurdles she still managed to produce an array of crackers worthy of a Babe!
Now that I read her post I realise I forgot to prick the dough!

Now then, if or rather when you would like to bake with us and earn your Buddy Badge listen to what Tanna says on the matter:
If you’d like to be a buddy with us this month, I will be delighted to have you in the Cracker round up to be posed on the 29th September.  To be a Bread Baking Buddy, just make the crackers, take some photos, write up your post – tell us your experience with the dough – and send an email to ~ comments my kitchen at mac dot com ~ you know to take out all those spaces ~ PLEASE PUT “Cracker Buddy” as your subject line and get those mails to me by no later than the 28th.  I’ll send you the buddy badge and get you in the round up.

Then, if you would like to see how our other Babes get their crackers on make sure to click this:

The Bread Baking Babes:


  1. Sorry to have put you on the wrong foot so you ended up with toothbreakers. I used whole wheat an no white, that might have got something to do with mine being softer.
    But girl, where are your pics, I demand pics, toothbreakers or not!

  2. I know I know! I've been trying to get my pics up since yesterday, but I can't seem to get them off my camera onto the tablet somehow. (Our main pc broke down and is in repair since two weeks and there are many other devices in this house but none of them retrieve the pics I have Ugh!)

  3. Just goes to show you, picture perfect may not be the tastiest ;-( I am so sorry, you used good ingredients and should have had good to great crackers.
    I do understand you difficulty with posting on the tablet, I haven't gutted it up to give that a try either.

  4. Your crackers look really beautiful. How sad that they are too hard to eat. But what a great idea to use the crackers as a topping for green beans, Karen! Even though our crackers aren't tooth-breakingly crisp, I'm going to do that tonight.

    (Do you think that you could put the crackers into a paper bag, wet the bag on the outside and stick them in the oven? Might that soften them? Or would it just make them crisper?)

  5. What IS it about computers this month? Ours crashed badly last week too.

  6. The toppings look soooo good. Great idea to use some of the crackers to top a casserole. Bet the next time you make them they will be perfect.

  7. That is too bad - the lovely smells and inedible crackers..... They look pretty.;-)

  8. I can see two lovely looking boxes of crackers, only the last pic doesn't show. Your crackers definitely got the looks!
    Well, my second batch ended up in the bin too: inedibly salty ... They looked OK though .... Such a shame.

  9. Oh bummer :(. Definitely try again. I rolled my out pretty thin, and they baked up in the listed time...and yes, they were tasty! Yours definitely do look pretty, though :).


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