Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I like the top, bottom a little less…


Which is probably the story of my life haha… anyway this is a dress I made long time ago and never wore longer than 1 hour. I’m thoroughly in love with the color, it’s a vivid purple, and very satisfied with how the top turned out and fits, but I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the dress. A bit blah, a bit meh and because it’s a solid there’s a lot of purple going on in the bottom area ..

Of course that is exactly why the title of this post is so adequate ;-D. A friend suggested to add a little white crisp to the mix (a white tank and only a hint of white legging peeping out from under the skirt) and I really like it now!

(Knip mode)



  1. Gorgeous!!! Love that colour and model. What if the bottom part had been better... would we have seen a picture of your bum here? hehehe.

  2. Eh... well that's the problem exactly, when I look at the mirror I generally like my top more than my bottom... (And yes there was a top to bottom picture but I decided not to post it :-D)
    Promise I will try to overcome that!

  3. The infamous `februariknoopjurk'! ;-) I found it not easy to figure out how to make it... Your top half looks beautiful! (and I like your necklace too)

  4. I like it. The color is gorgeous. Very striking. Any chance you'd take a picture of the bottom (even if it's without you in it)? You got me really curious now as to what it looks like :o)

  5. Thanks Sacha and Hanâa!
    I think that dress definitely makes the rounds right? Knip uses that twisted neckthing a lot.

    About the necklace; Yup, that's a favourite. It's one with a story, will take a show and tell pic soon. that's an idea!

    Hanâa... would you believe how hard it is to take a full length self-pic in the mirror? Brrr frightening!


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