Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Coffee cake that got away

IMG_3509Remember the one from last week? The one that got away? I baked it again because we never got to taste it. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bake something for the first time and give away without knowing… When my friend returned the plate she told me it was lovely but still.

This time I used a Kugelhopf Bundt pan, didn’t use the crumb topping because it would be turned upside down anyway. Almond meal was substituted by finely ground hazelnuts. This recipe only fills the pan halfway but as you can see it turns out lovely!
Another thing I changed –and that is something I am not sure about- is that I used 4 medium eggs instead of the 3 large that are stated in the recipe.
The ones I buy are usually pretty big (weigh about 55 gr) and so I normally use just the amount of eggs given.


- this cake keeps very well. Had it covered on the counter for two days, no problem
- although I subbed hazelnut for almonds it still had a distinct almond flavour. One of the boys thought there was marzipan or almond paste in it.
- I can relate to that because the mouthfeel is very very moist and just a little on the “gritty” side from the nut meal.
- Not much butter in here but a very filling cake. Rich wouldn’t be the right word, full of flavour, nutty, moist and a one-slice-per-serving cake. (For me anyway, the boys however….)



  1. heerlijk, zo'n cake waar je gewoon alle spullen altijd voor in huis hebt :-)

  2. Looks tasty!
    So, like sweet as sugar cookies, I have decided to do linky party, but this one it themed! I'd like to invite you to stop by and link up your themed treat! This week's theme is strawberries! Can't wait to see what you're bringing!

  3. Can't go wrong with a great coffee cake. Good thing you finally got a taste

  4. Klinkt goed!! Mooie tulbandvorm ook. Ik zit ook vaak met hoeveel eieren, zeker nou onze krieltjes weer flink leggen. In US recepten zijn het toch altijd L eieren? Ik zal het eens opzoeken...

  5. Coffee cake look very nice. love to try them.

  6. @Lien: ja ze gebruiken daar altijd L eieren, en die heb ik nooit. Altijd medium. Ergens gelezen (Ik denk Michel Roux) dat grote eieren 50-60 gram wegen en dat wegen die van mij ook dus meestal hou ik hetzelfde aantal aan maar kan best zijn dat ik dingen door elkaar haal eigenlijk.

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  8. This looks delicious! and so simple! Do you think the extra egg changed the consistency or did it seem about the same both times you made it?
    How do you think it would do if you added small amounts of fruit to the mix? Apples or bananas perhaps...
    ~Nancy Lewis~

  9. @Nancy: I do think the extra egg changed the consistency somewhat (based on the batter of both and the crumb of the latter; the one we got to taste)
    Next time I'll leave it at 3 eggs and yes maybe add some fruit! Excellent idea!

  10. It looks marvellous and tasty!!! Hi from Greece. Your blog is wonderfull!


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