Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ABC: Profiteroles or –ice- creampuffs with caramel

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Another month of ABC-baking brings us another recipe from Flo Braker's "Baking For All Occasions"

This time it’s the perfect seasonal recipe because the miniature puffs are filled with pumpkin ice cream…. and caramel!

I have to admit I skipped the ice cream immediately upon reading. Pumpkin is something that we try to adopt but still is an acquired taste. No pumpkin puree here, and pumpkin ice cream? Nowhere. All that plus knowing that my kids love profiteroles and hate pumpkin anything the decision was quick and final.IMG_3222What I did do is make a gorgeous caramel, and whipped some of my home-made lemon curd with double cream. I used scissors to snip an opening in the puffs, spooned some caramel in the hole and used a piping bag to make a nice swirl of lemon curd cream….  You can’t see the color in the pics but the cream had a nice yellow glow.

These were gobbled up immediately… boys and their sweets? No time to wait until frozen! I kept half of them apart and froze them anyway without their knowing. So there will be a frosty surprise in the near future!

IMG_3218 - the recipe states to make a cookie dough and use cut outs on top of the unbaked cream puffs.  (you can see one right here on the pic). I still haven’t made my mind up about that one. I like the original idea, and the crisp of the cookie was a nice surprise against the softness of the cream puff. I do think however that I want my puffs to have their original bite.

- next time I will pipe the mounds of batter on my baking sheet instead of using a spoon to get a more finished end product


IMG_3216- I measured exactly 180 ml of eggs as stated in the recipe (about 3.5 eggs in my case)  but ended up leaving about 1 egg in the cup. So I used 2.5 eggs for this recipe to get a dough firm enough. It is a good thing to have your eggs ready and loosened a bit by a fork so you can pour as much in as you need.


- Mine were bit bigger than the recipe stated, I only got around 24 puffs. Sprinkled some sugar pearls on top of some of them.IMG_3220

- I liked the recipe and the way it was written, great puffs! On to the next challenge!

(to see what the other ABC-bakers made please check the blog list on the right hand side of the ABC blog or follow the links in the comment section. Thanks!)


  1. profiteroles is one of my favorite foods! these look fantastic!

  2. After reading your post, I'm now certain that I had too much egg in my batter because my puffs were a little flat. Your puffs look great. I really enjoyed them with the crispy cookie topping (so buttery). I think any ice cream would work here. Originally I was going to buy a Dulce de Leche ice cream, until the pumpkin ice cream caught my eye. I'm thinking Slagroomijs would work really well here too.

    I'm glad this ABC entry was a big hit for you and your boys. Would you mind adding a link to the new ABC blog in your post when referring to the blog list? Thanks!! :o)

  3. Oops Hanaâ! Corrected! Meant to do that but clearly forgot to hit the paste button.. (I don't think it's my day today)

    I'm glad these puffs worked out so well, have been making them before with mixed results. Haha the best results I had when I was in a hurry to mix up some while company was almost on the doorstep...
    I've come to believe that the right amount of eggs is key. Flo explains it beautifully in her recipe so that was what kept me from pouring them all in. (and saved my puffs).

  4. Yum! What a great variation on the pumpkin. Now I want to try your ginger buns!

  5. caramel and lemon curd. Definitely not second best to ice cream!YUMMM

  6. Mmm, they look delicious! I haven't read any of her books, but I hear great things about her recipes.

  7. pumpkin recipes might be my most favorite recipe of the day, or the week, or maybe the year! lol great recipe.

  8. yummy, I really love cream puffs, moorkoppen, bossche bollen... you name it! That lemon curd is a wonderful idea to make it fresh, I's love to set my teeth in one or two...


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