Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bread Baking Babes: a Swedish saga (Brunkans Laga)

A short story, very short.

For I’m late, very late.
(Will explain later, something to do with paint, frustration, builders, frustration, heater, my car being molested and did I mention frustration?)

Whatever you do bread baking wise….. Do Bake This Bread.

It is that good. Period.

The recipe Görel gave us in her role as Kitchen of the Month makes a lot of dough, just empty your fridge to make space for the bucket that holds the dough. Really. Throw content out, have a midnight snack fest whatever. It’s worth it.


And… after having it baked once, don’t mess with the ingredients the second time around. Also not to mess with the quantities given. Don’t ask how I know.

IMG_3094It’s a liquid starter/sourdough.
It’s a  slack dough.
Don’t fear.
It makes wonderful bread. A little on the sweet side but that’s okay because it lets your –salted?- butter shine. Or with an assorted platter of mixed grilled veggies, some olives and wine. Dip it in your soup.

Make it. Bake it.

Görel? From the bottom of my stomach (and my husband’s  and my children) thank you for picking this recipe! Yes the husband and I ate almost all of one loaf with our soup for dinner that day. Hence the lack of pictures. This one below is from my second batch, added some herbs to it.


(Now that I’ve found my pictures again, I’ve finally added some to the Pão Doce !)


  1. I'm in complete agreement! This is stellar bread, easy once the starter is made and everyone loves it. Yay Gorel! The loaf that was still around to photograph is gorgeous!

  2. How radical of you to shape this in a round!

    And it is GREAT bread, isn't it? (I love that the starter doesn't have to be babied with millions of feedings and regurgitations to be thrown down the drain.

  3. Nothing is better on a crisp evening than a big bowl of soup - and half a loaf of fresh, warm bread.....

  4. Looks beautiful! Will have to try this! Thanks!

  5. cheers for you for getting you batteries in your camera and downloading the pictures. Great bread, bold choice to make it round!!

  6. Great bread! I agree, it is best as-is. Wonderful!

  7. That round loaf looks very beautiful. I hope some of your frustration has settled down now!

  8. Your round loaf looks absolutely beautiful!

  9. Your life has had waaaaaay too much frustration in it lately. You deserve to have your bread turn out so beautifully. Lovely with soup. And wine. Lots of wine.

  10. Beautiful boule you got there. Glad it was such a bit hit. I checked out the recipe for it and would love to try it sometime (after my schedule gets a little less hectic).

  11. wow.. what a delicious recipe !?.. looks so cute and tempting.. thanks for sharing dear!!


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