Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bits and pieces

are usually all that's left. Have you ever wondered why there are people (plural) in my house who

- eat cookies but never eats the whole package leaving one or two?

- Or eat all the whole ones not touching broken pieces?

- Snacks on dates and leave three lonely ones in the box?

- Shares and eats all chewing gum but one?

- Eats 6 poached pears, snacks on them in passing but looses interest for the last three in the bowl?

Beats me!


  1. yes they do that don't they... either they tell you you didn't make enough (so next time you make more and they leave it...grrr)
    or these last few items can't be bothered about. Fortunately I have a husband with a huge appetite... (or else a large freezer.)

  2. Here it is leaving the last tablespoon of peanut butter or lemon curd in the jar...why not finishit off and make room in the fridge or pantry? Who knows!

  3. Guilty as charged. My husband feels your pain. I *sometimes* do that. I think it's because *sometimes* I'm just lazy and don't want to go through the extra trouble of finishing up "the thing I'm eating" and the trouble of throwing it in the trash can. What a hard life, huh? :o) I know, there's no excuse but what do you do? Please don't hate "us" :o)

  4. Food for thought...and ever so exasperating! LOL!!


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