Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday (5)

It's an awful picture (the light!, the shine!) but this image made me happy. I managed to grab 3kg of these beautiful baby plum tomatoes at the closing of the market. The next stop was this shop. Within 10 steps in the shop I was carrying this ovendish in blue and light yellow... only to ponder a light green one or maybe a rectangular or round? When I discovered the large tables with all kinds of spices I had to take an extra breath... put my dishes down and started pointing; this one, and that, oh and that one too, and 2 ounces of those...

I bought the blue one, put the yellow one back on the shelves... went home with my tomatoes, my dish and the spices. It's a good thing the store is all the way up north in the Netherlands and I'm here; down south.

(Voor de Nederlanders onder ons: Dit was een poosje geleden in Groningen, de winkel heet Kruiden en Keramiek; een walhalla van mediterrane geuren en kleuren. Aardewerk, kruiden, hebbedingetjes zo leuk! Als je in de buurt bent, beslist even langs lopen, nee, binnen gaan natuurlijk!).


  1. I already thought hey they have that shop here too... until I found out it was the shop here!
    If ever you need anything from it, just let me know!

  2. I think it's a glorious photo! and great story.

  3. The pic does spell happiness with all the sunshine.

  4. I was checkin back on my blog to find my ratio for hummingbird food~ and saw your comment. It has been a long time since I've been by.
    Now... to see what's cookin'!

  5. Als zo'n (prachtige) schaal met tomaatjes bij mij op tafel zou staan, waren ze in een mum van tijd op. Ze zijn zo lekker!

    Deze winkel zou aan de Vismarkt in Utrecht ook niet misstaan. 'k Zou er zeker even binnen lopen.

  6. Love the tomatoes. They are superfoods in my book. A day without tomatoes is a black day for me. Love the dish too, I have one in mulberry. It makes me start salivating before I even put anything in it.


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