Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to the world (part two) baby cupcakes

Baked and decorated the cookies I just couldn't resist adding some cupcakes. Simple vanilla-lemon zest flavoured cake batter, topped with smooth royal icing and those incredibly sweet looking cake toppers. Saw these in a cake-decorating shop and well... couldn't leave without. 
My sis told me they were a great hit with the nurses in the hospital! Too bad I didn't leave a calling card (and I live an hour's drive away from that hospital...)
Anyone care for a diaper change? This is the diaper wreath I made.


  1. That a cool diaper wreath! how'd you do that?
    The cup cakes and their decorations are perfect for baby.

  2. Yeah I love that wreath too!! Wasn't that difficult getting them to stay put?? Looks great as your cupcakes do!!

  3. I really liked this idea, it's easier to make and not as bulky to have around in a newborn's house with all the cards and presents they have to put somewhere. This one can hang on some door without being to "in your face".
    I used a metal ring and folded each diaper around (the ring comes where the baby's bottom should be) bind the top together with ribbon. There are good instructions on the internet (I didn't envision this one find out myself ;-))

  4. eh.. easier to make than a diaper cake I mean.

  5. I really love the decoration on the cupcakes!!
    Could you share which shop that is?
    And is there a recipe for the cakes on your blog!
    (have to keep these in mind next time one of my relatives has a baby, so much more original than beschuit met muisjes!!) :)


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