Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poilâne and embroidered panties... for Sher

In loving memory of Sher, I hope someone somewhere is making you the most beautiful panties to wear for each day the sun rises.
When Tanna and I toyed with the idea of forming a bread baking group, I think we could safely say we hadn't expected to experience such bonding and friendship. Again, over the waves, virtual and real, across boundaries a tight group formed and Sher was -and will be- one of us. Some of our group we already knew, some of us were "new". Before the Babes Sher to me was "the lady with the squirrels" whose posts I read and enjoyed. But just as soon the members were established we hit it off, emails flying, virtual booze flowing and the tone was set. Fun, lively, witty. Sharing personal, serious and crazy stuff measured with a pinch of bitchyness, cups of humor, and equal doses of support. When we struggled to find a common denominator Sher was the one who came up with the "embroidered panties" to fit us BABES. As not to hurt any of our readers sensitiveness we settled on a Badge but the embroidered panties stuck. (Well, not really we do change our panties but you know what I mean).

This is the recipe I would have made to honour her. It's a slice of Poilane bread, toasted with goat's cheese, herbes de Provence and Provencal honey. The devastating news of her passing reached me while we were on holiday. It was my dinner one of the days the week before. Coincidence? I prefer to think not. As we returned from France last Friday I wasn't able to bake again but I will very soon and think of you Sher.

This Sunday we would have been posting our July challenge, instead as a tribute to Sher we were asking any of you, her friends, to become honorary Babes for the Day. I hope today the internet is buzzing with her recipes, quotes and memories from her or her blog “What Did You Eat“. Sher was an avid contributor to Weekend Herb Blogging and of course Weekend Cat Blogging, sharing her or rather Upsies stories about life with "vermin".

Glenna wrote a heartfelt post to remember her friend Sher and she has offered to link the tribute posts to her tribute to Sher in order that Sher's family and friends can find them. Bloggers who would like their tribute linked can send it to marie9949 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.)

We lost Sher, one of our Bread Baking Babes. Goodbye Sher.


  1. Mooi gesproken , Baking !!
    Dragen we die "panties" toch als a tribute for Sher ?!

  2. Beautiful. How fitting to have the Miche to honor her.

  3. Always good when someone can make you smile and now you will think of Sher, and smile, every time you see fancy panties in a store. :-)

  4. Awww I think you guys should have went with the panties! :)

    You've written a lovely tribute to Sherry, Karen.. I'm glad you got to know her!

    Hugs sweetie,

  5. How could I have forgotten about the panties????
    She would have loved, loved that toasted bread....
    Beautiful tribute!

  6. a touching tribute to Sher. and I particularly loved this bread as it was for her and tis bread I stepped out of my comfort zone to bake it and never ever regretted it so far.

  7. A sweet tribute. I did not know the lady, but she clearly had a whole lot of lovely friends. How very sad.

  8. The panties story has me giggling. :-) You've written a lovely tribute to Sher.

  9. I love that you made that bread, Karen. It's wonderful and the perfect tribute. Thanks for loving her too.

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