Monday, March 31, 2008

Simple dinner for three

White rice is a favourite with our kids, as long as it is served with brown muscovado sugar and a knob of butter. Alas, their Mom likes to expand their world by vegetables, sweet and sour mango-chili sauce and chicken. They didn't mind the chicken, ate their veggies and scorned their mom for adding too much heat...

Sorry guys, will leave out the chillies next time (add less anyway hehe).


  1. Looks lovely and very comforting. I've never though to put muscovado sugar in rice! The mango-chili sauce sounds great to me.

  2. I must admit to not being a big fan of rice--my parents eat it at least twice a day, every day. The mango-chicken dish looks really tasty. Though...

    You may want to try some toasted coconut with the muscovado on the rice...that's good stuff...



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