Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Left over couscous goes a long way...

(Not the best pic I know..)

and updating you took even longer. Personal life and a laptop got in the way. (Both suffering from irregular performance).
As David suggested I decided on a casserole, sweet caramelized onions on the bottom, followed by a layer of cod, a layer of nice crisp greens (peas, green beans, broccoli, sugar snaps, leek) mixed with some potato in tiny cubes and some slivers of smoked ham, topped with a layer of couscous.
Quantities are approximate, as this was a spur of the moment kind-a-thing:
2 onions, halved, sliced in thin rings
2 garlic cloves
1 ts sugar
1 knob of butter

some 400 gr. cod (I used frozen)
600 gr mixed green vegetables, blanched
1 large potato, in small cubes, pre cooked for 3 minutes
250 ml single cream (koffieroom!)
1 hand full parmesan cheese
salt, pepper, ground ancho chili pepper, ground cumin
a sprinkle of lemon infused olive oil
(I added some left over cured ham, just a tiny amount)
left over couscous (don't dare to guestimate..)
some more parmesan cheese
some more lemon olive oil

Caramelize onions in a frying pan, boil the potato cubes in a large pan for just two of three minutes, scoop them out, set aside and use the boiling water to precook your greens for just a few minutes. Drain and combine with potatoes. First layer in your oven dish is onions, arrange your fish over this layer, third layer is vegetable and potato mixture. Drizzle with a little olive oil.
In a small bowl combine cream with seasoning, maybe toss in some herbs as well, add the cheese and whisk. Pour over the greens.
Fluff and loosen the cold couscous with a fork, adding a little oil and some parmesan. This is your top layer. Divide the couscous evenly on top of the greens, make sure it covers it all, right up to the edges.
Cook for approx. 30-40 minutes in a moderately hot oven. (175C)

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  1. I very much like the creativity and promise of this one. And I especially like the use of the frozen fish.
    Irregular performance seems to be the norm here; nice to know that's not the norm for your house:)


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