Thursday, January 31, 2008

Variations on a theme..

and finally making the deadline for the #6 BBD!

This time, the February edition of Bread Baking Day is all about shape. The monthly Bread Baking Day event was created by Zorra at 1x umr├╝hren bitte, our host this month is Eva at Sweet Sins. This time, it's all about the shape. Shapes as traditional as a braided challah, or maybe some fancy new ones.
I chose to make a traditional pain Epi, and while I was baking up a storm making a couple of other breads and pastry I tried not to forget to take pictures. In my enthusiasm I took pictures of almost everything but the kitchensink.....almost everything... forgot all about the making off pics. No wielding a pair of scissors at just the right angle. No flapping the cut pieces of dough elegantly to the left and right.
For the dough I used this potato-whole wheat recipe again. I really wanted to try it again in a different shape, and since we have guests staying over this weekend, some French bread never goes to waste. I am going to wrap it carefully and store in the freezer. I've done this before and if you pop it in the oven half frozen it's like freshly baked.


  1. Lovely Karen. I want to do this shape again also. I think I need some practice! Yours is really gorgeous. Potato, potato!!

  2. I agree, beautiful epi! Great choice for the theme.

  3. I like that with an epi, you can perfect the crust to crumb ratio! Great entry, thanks for participating!

  4. Always a great effect an epi. Looks great! Glad you did not miss the deadline!

  5. Fabulous looking bread. I'd still like to know what your kitchen sink looks like, though. :)

  6. I will try this soon! Looks so delicious!


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