Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Waiter, there is a hair in my bread!

In other words: meet the new Bakers....

We finally bit the bullet, it has taken us many years but as son nr. 2 stated at the dinner table three days ago: wow, we have animals in our house. Well we had before, once we were the proud owners of a tiny white rabbit. The tiny white rabbit quickly grew out to be a humongous white rabbit monster who defended his property with all the strength he had. Let me tell you, that was a lot! Picture a guard/attack dog in rabbit disguise.

This rabbit needed two people to feed him (no, not to carry the amount of food). One to distract his not so loving attention, the other one to quickly fill his bowl. Can you imagine how it was to clean his cage? Thick sweater, muscles, leather garden gloves... This one was not to be cuddled. So sad, rabbit not happy, kids not happy, mum not happy at all. So, he was lovingly adopted by a care farm where he had the room to roam and manifest his ability to rule...(scared the sh** out of the cattle there).

Enter a couple of years nothing, a year debating whether we should have a dog... a little one? A larger one? We were so tempted after having our dog on "loan" for a week. We decided we were not up to that challenge yet, especially since I am so easily scared by dogs.

Enter Milo and NaNa the kittens! I used to have two cats long long time ago so this is something I'm familiar with. Called the animal shelter and last week we could come and get them. Brother and sister, one blue-eyed white with red points (nose, ears and tail), one a tortoise-shell. Now these are from one litter, NaNa is a small playfull little pleaser and takes the lead in exploring the house and us, but have a look at Milo.... he is almost twice her size already and they are only 4-5 months now. He is white. He is big. He already has this regal attitude... Does that sound familiar?
There is not much cooking/baking going on at the moment, I "suffer" from a serious cold and have trouble keeping my eyes open long enough to cook, let alone take pictures, but I promise the kitchen counters will be off-limits for animals. No hairs in my food!


  1. What a beautiful white kitten! How lovely - you may never have time to blog ever again, they are the most wonderful time-wasters ever!

    Joanna x

  2. Wonderful kittens!
    Joanna is right, I know we could spend hours just watching some kitten play!
    Yck, what did you want a cold for girl. So sorry you've caught that one. Ditch it soon and let's bake.
    Really love the kittens.

  3. So fantastic that you adopted them. I love you already. The are beautiful. And its great that you adopted two kittens. They can keep each other company wrestling.

  4. Wat lief!! Leer ze dan ook meteen niet op je bureau te komen. Mijn buurkat, die ons huis ook haar huis vindt, gaat als ze aandacht wil gewoon languit op het toetsenbord liggen. En ze heeft heeeeeel veel aandacht nodig. Beterschap!!!!

  5. Ah! How lovely! They look absolutely adorable. Have lots of fun with them. I'm still working on my husband to allow us to get a dog. Think I might take other people's advice and just get one. He could hardly make us take it back - could he?

  6. What cute kittens!! You have rescued a family, how nice! I bet the boys are thrilled to have pets at last! Hope the cold doesn't linger too long and that you are back in the kitchen soon!!

  7. OH cute and adorable helpers for your kitchen. Having never been a cat person until my adoption by LB I can't imagine a kitchen without at least one kittie.

    Congrats on the new members of the family.

    btw, the rabbit story cracked me up!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Eentje met een attitude... ja, dat ken ik. Hij heet ook Milo en het is mijn broer haha.
    Ik zal hem de foto mailen van zijn naamgenoot :-)

    Maar een attitude hebben die gasten zeker - wij hebben er twee. Best vermoeiend soms. En nee, doorgaans komen ze niet op het aanrecht, alleen als ik niet thuis ben....

  9. Joanna & Tanna, you're so right! We just sit and watch them play.

    Hm Amanda, I don't know about that.. however you could take your family to go and just have a look at a puppy, just look not take home..bingo!

    Mary at one point we really put a sign up at his cage to warn people not to come within paw's reach!

    S.Kipje, helaas te laat... Milo vindt het erg veilig om naast de computer te zitten (of achter het toetsenbord). In de buurt, toch aandacht, maar wel onopvallend, je zou eens kunnen denken dat hij geaaid wil worden..puh...

    Mwah Aranka, ik heb zo'n donkerbruin vermoeden...

  10. Wat een schatjes, geweldig gewoon. Maar katten horen een attitude te hebben hoor, dat maakt ze juist zo leuk (nou ja tenzij ze een vreemd konijn gaan nadoen natuurlijk!) Leuk ook dat je er meteen 2 heb, dat is wel zo leuk voor ze (en jullie). Jamemr dat ik er zo mega-allergisch voor ben anders wilde ik ook wel een kat of 2......

  11. Vergeet ik nog te zeggen: Van Harte Beterschap!!! Ja je ziet voor je het weet eisen ze alle aandacht op!

  12. Oh my goodness they are incredibly cute! Can't wait to get a kitty myself, but for now I make do with Minstrel, the ancient and friendly neighbourhood cat, who treats the whole block like she owns it.
    Hope you feel better soon - maybe some of that Japanese dinner you requested might help? (it will be up tonight, and it will only be a virtual treat, but I'm throwing in some custard as well...)

  13. wow Inne...all of a sudden I crave Japanese dinners...(that custard did the trick).

    Lien: Zouden ze geen hypo-allergene katten hebben tegenwoordig? Wordt toch eens tijd dat ze die uitvinden...

  14. That sounded a lot like the rabbit from monty pythons the holy grail.

    Your kittens are so adorable. Oh they look so cute and snuggly. I bet the kids just love them.


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