Friday, October 05, 2007

Blogging is so Awarding

You probably haven't noticed but it seems I'm a truly nice person. Says who? Ilva! Peel off the layers and underneath in the dark corners of my mind, there it is: an angelic person dressed in pink frills with permed hair; Miss Nice!

Kidding aside, this award was given to me by Ilva, and I am so proud! In part because I really like that: nice people who think I'm nice as well. Yes. I do. But not at any price. I'm getting better in saying what I feel must be said, with genuine attention for the other of course and -some- consideration. A lot of things come with age, not all pretty but this is one of them. I find that people who stay where they are when that happens to them, in your inner circle, are the people you want to be around. The people that can't stand the heat....too bad! I've learned and am still learning to deal with that. It's what I try to teach my children as well, they are still so young, but what I try to instill in them is to stay true to themselves and if they don't know how to react that instant? It's okay to step back and say: I will get back to you when I have thought about it.

The other part of being proud is about what the award stands for:

This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded, please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.

It's my turn now to pass on this award to people I've met through blogging, in real life or virtual, who all left their mark with me in a different way:

Lien at Notitie van Lien; who I've met just once but meet regularly through e-mail or by comments. Always there to help or support; I think she pairs kindness with lots of humour which in my opinion is a winner combination.

Mary "Breadchick" at The Sourdough, for the gorgeous breads she bakes, the comments and the generosity that shines through in person and stories.

David at Wish I were Baking, who offers support, opinions and humour in a unique way.

Sue at Sue Cooks Wild; another friend made through blogging and what a friend she is! She is the only one I know that hunts, fishes, goes to the gym and cooks with her nails done, make-up spotless and can cite scenes from Monty Python. This award was made for you!

Monique; I'm bending the rules here, she is no blogger but a hell of a nice person (who'd probably roll over the floor laughing her head off when she hears she is called "nice") but you simply can't beat the humour, the laughter we share and the support! We've met through the internet on a baker's forum so there's Internet involved, and to stay true to the nature of this award: she promised to do a quest appearance on this show in the near future! If you'd like to meet her, have a look at the mindboggling bagelwomen.

Farmgirl Susan at Foodie Farmgirl; her blog was the first ever I read and it threw me in the blogging world. Her love on the rocks expresses her view of the world and the creatures that live there. Combined with a love for baking bread.....

Lindy over at Toast is another choice: she always inspires me with new discoveries, other kitchens and her down to earth approach to recipes and food. Tongue in cheek and not taking herself too serious, her posts are always a joy to read.

Hmm, looking back on my shining stars... I can see a common denominator...can you?


  1. You just baked my day!
    (I'm sooooo flattered..feeling a bit like an impostor as I really nice or just a becoming a blogger-addict that is just always glued to the PC?)
    But no.. You really baked my day!
    ...o dear now I have to think about 7 people....mmm,let's think.... (I'm not very good with these 'kettingbrieven')

  2. oohh.....Thank you,thank you , thank you !(tears ,tears ,tears.)
    My first award , and in such good compagny : Sue , Lien ,Susan and allthe others I presume.
    And thanks Baking Soda, for giving me this award and calling me NICE. (EHH...What's so funny about that???!!) But we sure share a lot of laughs together !
    And yes, I'll do a guestblog soon, I'll have to , now you've let the blog-world know . I'm supposed to be nice , remember ? (any-one an idea for a nice subject ?).
    So, see you soon , Folks.

  3. Karen,
    Oh, you really made my day with your "nice" award! I received it just as I returned from a very hard fishing trip (allergies and all) and your kind words lifted my spirits to the roof tops! Thanks for the compliment and I will pass it along to my friends.

  4. I've always known you were totally nice! It's delightful to see how well this award has traveled to all the very best and nicest people.
    And how cool to think we'll pull Monique into the blog!! yes, that would be a great side effect.

  5. Of course you're more than just nice. You're funny too and a great mum. With good advice to give, not only to your children.

    Loved your 2nd Cinnamon buns post too. They look like fun to make!

  6. This is a belated but very big THANK YOU! You're so sweet. And what a coincidence: just the other day I was thinking about the first time you left a comment on my blog. You were having all this trouble trying to post bread photos online, and then all of a sudden you came back with the news that you'd started your own blog. And I LOVED the name--still do. It, and you, are wonderful. Hard to believe it's already been over two years, isn't it? Thanks again, Karen. xo


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