Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pretty in pink

pretty in pink, originally uploaded by BakingSoda.

We had a lovely talk on the bench in front of my house, the neighbor and I, sitting in the sun, having a cup of tea, nibbling on fresh baked cookies. She went back into her house only to return with a bucket (!) full of beetroots...

Now, it took me some time to convert my family into eating beetroots (I say: eating, not enjoying! I think a CSI crew can still find evidence of the beetroot fights in our former house) and now I had a winter's worth of beetroots in my hands. They had to be cooked. And peeled. Frozen. Served. Hours of cooking ahead. I sighed and schlepped myself and the beetroots into the kitchen.
Wait! Just outside the backdoor was my deep fryer. Silent witness of not so healthy yesterdays snack. Beetroot chips!

beetroot chips

So I sliced thin thin slices, (no mandoline in this house, I used my cheese shaver) patted them dry as best as I could, and deep fried. Making sure they were separated and turned. It took some time to get them crisp but oh the reward! Sprinkled with sea salt, this is a treat! The sweetness of the beetroots, enhanced by the crisp and saltiness.... Really very good!

The down side of it... it's a lot of work. Slicing raw beetroots is not something to think light off and the beetroots need to be thoroughly dry otherwise they won't crisp. Frying is a lot of work and I had only a little bowl of beetroot chips which disappeared alarmingly fast. Not something to do when you expect a crowd. But so very good!


  1. I've made crisps in my time ... the upside is that you really can't eat too many of them, because you can't make them fast enough ... so anyone wanting a healthy diet who can't give up crisps should switch to only eating home-made crisps. They're also very good made with parsnips, and with carrots (really!)

    Love the photo

  2. Oh my yes! If only I'd known, next time I'll bring the beet roots!
    Really,those photos are so good and then that first is so fun!

  3. dus toch een manier gevonden om ze bietjes te laten eten....een creatieve vondst van je!
    gelukkig lijkt het oploaden van de foto's ook beter te gaan??? Of heeft dit je weer een halve dag gekost?

  4. Hoe ver moet je gaan om je familie bietjes te laten eten......pas als ze chips heten....Bravo voor je doorzettingsvermogen !!!

  5. they sound great! I do mine in a food processor and it makes quik work of it!


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