Monday, August 20, 2007

7 random things about me...

Who me? Why me? Lovely Lis at La Mia Cucina idea of fun. Yeah right, thanks Hon! No, just kidding, I felt flattered until I started writing; gosh this might prove harder than I thought. I don't need to explain what this meme is about, it's been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Without further ado, this is what I came up with:

1.) I am afraid of dogs. That is all dogs. In fact anything on four legs that says woof gives me the shudders. Not only that I've been known to do irrational things to avoid them (like crossing highways, making detours, not ever walk in the forest). And yet, we're debating on having a dog ourselves. I think that is the only way to get rid of this fear. We're still debating....

2.) Getting my hands dirty? No way, not me! When I was a little baby in diapers my Mom used to put me on the lawn just to have a laugh, in an instant my feet went up, my hands in the air so that just my diaper would touch that darned grass and I cried.... Then there was kindergarten and the lovely miss would make "papier maché" to let us kids play and be creative. She would spent half of the morning convincing me to stick my hands in that ugly goo...

And I am a baker. Now you can see where the "daring" in the Daring Baker part comes in. To this day I still take a deep breath before plunging my hand in something that has to become dough. I use whatever is available (spoon, forks, kids) just to stall the moment and make sure it is somewhat cohesive before I get my hands in. Love my DeLonghi stand mixer!

3.) One of my childhood fantasies: After we visited the Bijenkorf (department store) with it's -at least in my point of view then- huge book/magazine department I dreamed of getting myself locked in at night, grab all the books and magazines I could lay my hands on and snuggle in a large armchair with a bag of potato chips and read read read.....

4.) I had a crush on Eric Heiden for a long long time....... a very long time.... No I am not blushing.

5.) I think they invented the gps route planner just for me. (So why don't I have one?) I am notorious in not finding my way...never ever. Except in foreign countries...I go by feel instinct/map and that seems to work. Just don't understand those Dutch road signs, I mean you leave Amsterdam (you're pretty sure you just left the cities boundaries and that Amsterdam is still there where you left it, behind your back, I mean they don't move entire cities just to pester me right? Right?) and pop! there it is; a road sign that says: "Amsterdam 20 km straight ahead". I mean: Dûh!

{By the way: did you know they named the lady voice in the first ever available route planner in Holland "Karen"? Beats me!}

6.) When I was a little girl I wanted to be either a librarian or a cashier at a toy store. Not because of the toys but I liked the way these women effortlessly wrapped presents. I wanted to be like that! I got to be a Management Assistant and a Mum. That's close, right?

(pic taken from here)
7.) I'm a sloppy perfectionist with an errate fear of failing. I will never be good enough to actually do something with it. (Erased the following 4 times already mooohaha). I'm the one that looses weight before joining Weight Watchers, however, I will never join Weight Watchers of course, suppose I fail... the kid that never joined skating class because she couldn't skate well enough. Story of my life. Perfect skills in a dark corner at home to be disappointed they can't teach me anything new in class, and make a career doing that! I could teach these classes, if only.... Perfect in finding excuses as well. Cry in the shower, happy face and a display of aloofness/nonchalance to the outside world. (FYI I'm a pretty good skater.. distance, figure, ánd roller/skeeler).

I'm your best friend. I'll support you when you on the other hand pursue your dreams. I'll cook your family dinner, look after your kids, listen to your rantings and encourage you every step of the way on your jump to success, offering sound advice when needed. Perfect. I will forget your birthday, your kids exams and your doctors visits. Sloppy.

I like you to be my friend, but beware not to be my next door neighbor in the old age home when I look back on life and tell you over and over again what I could have been if only.... (drama queen, self pity, and pathetic, wow if I were a stand up comedian this is the time you were all getting the boxes of tomatoes out. Eh, could that be overripe tomatoes please, I like things to be, you know ... perfect!).

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  1. Hahaha, perfect as always my girls.
    I'm so taken with the picture of your hands and feet in the air, um like when I was at your house. only then you were laughing not crying.
    So that's why and how I got the job of kneading the bagels!
    Geeze, I don't know . . . get a golden retriever!

  2. Yeah, well I'm not perfect or trying to be but would like to be understood clearly.
    That should be only one girl - you.

  3. Oh Karen, your no 1 means that you never can come and visit me as we have a big dog! I think your answers are excellent, perfect actually! Guess what I did yesterday? Inaugurated a certain coffee cup/mug! Thanks again, it made the coffee so much better!

  4. Phew... I knew all 7 !Luckily no surprises after 19 years...

  5. @ DH: so you're out of lurking now eh? 19 yrs!

    Ilva & Tanna:
    I'm getting better around dogs, I've been around Angelika's Gino, (even got in the car together!) and Claudia was so sweet to send me an on-line helper, so maybe...

    Yes Tanna, that's why you kneaded bagel dough *grins*!

  6. Eeeehhh- een ruwharige teckel???? Blaft nooit.....tegen ons ;-)

  7. Perfect post :) I'll remember to not have you as a next door neighbor when you are old...that cracked me up!

  8. Oh no, afraid of dogs. :( I love my little mutt.

  9. Very interesting stuff! You sound just like me when it comes t baking! I hate getting my hands dirty! Weird, huh?

    Welcome to the Foodie Blogroll!

  10. I enjoyed this! Some of the things you mentioned, I kinda already figured from reading your blog ( like being a perfectionist etc) but the rest were pleasant surprises. :)


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