Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gadgets that work (4b)! The answer

Tadaaaa!! Not picture perfect yet but I can assure you the poached eggs I have made thus far were a disintegrating, falling apart, scrambling, yolk bursting trouble. My family was derived from eggs benedicte, never had those spinach, hollandaise bathed eggy wonders.

And don't say I haven't tried. I did the salted water, vinegar water, used very fresh eggs, but still my eggs drooled around the pan (which is called feathering I've heard..). Read lengthy papers on the wonders of poached no avail! But not anymore, now I have my double egg poacher, aka the wonder bra!

So this is, yes indeed, an egg poacher! Stand in a shallow pan filled with simmering salted water, or hook (see the nifty hooks?) over the pan and get poaching!

You can even let the cooked eggs sit above water level to keep warm. Or use it to lift hard boiled eggs from the pan, allowing the water to drain away....dûh... ! Anyway that's what the pamflet says.

I (or rather Larein) discovered the handy dandy gadget in Betsies Kookwinkel in Utrecht and I was thrilled. They do have some more "strange" items on the shelve. Click on "Rariteiten" Sorry not in English but do click on the second from the left next to "home".

However, some Googling revealed a wealth of egg poaching gadgets... Unbelievable, look here ---->
(Ash, would that be the female version?).

Or when you have a large poached-egg-craving family try this one which makes 6 poached eggs in one sitting.

Sue and Karin, both of you spot on! (And can poach eggs in these, even I can!)
Thanks all for joining in the fun! I had a real good time!


  1. My family had the one that does six eggs at a time :)

  2. Met recht het ei van Columbus! Ik ga maar eens bij Betsie langs, want de gepocheerde eitjes smaken hier wèl lekker- maar het ziet er niet uit....Die honkbalknuppel/pepermolen heeft ook wel wat :-)

  3. I have one of those large poachers hidden somewhere in the back of a cupboard! That little gizmo would be just perfect for the 2 of us!

  4. Ik had ook zo idee dat om geporcheerde eieren ging.Ik heb heb ze nog nooiy goed gehad . Maar met die lepels moet het wel lukken

  5. That is so funky and cool! :) You poached eggs look fabulous now!

    My rice cooker has an egg poacher attachment (along with steamer and noodle basket)...we go wild with our rice cookers here in Asia! :)

  6. Ok I have never ever attempted poaching an egg out of sheer fear of failure. hehe I just know I'll screw it up big time! Maybe I should get one of those things. :)


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