Sunday, December 31, 2006

5 am bread...

Floris called to say the bus was an hour away from home and would we be so kind to go and collect him at school if it wasn't too much trouble? Sure honey, it's 5 in the morning and your dad will be on his way soon.....

So what do you do when you are wide awake at 5? Well, you shuffle downstairs, pry your eyes open (yes I can find my way downstairs blindfolded but need some more training to make coffee with my eyes closed), make some coffee indeed. Look around, light some candles... Soft light is goooood at 5.

Then you sit and wait. Get up. Take the trash out. Silently! Take the make shift table out to the garage. Shhh. Silent! Clean the kitchen annex. Silently! Have another cup of coffee. Load the washer.
Open the door for your skiing hero and his father. Listen to his stories. Try to make him speak in a hushed voice but hey what do you think? He is 13, voice very looooow and has been spending 6 days in the company of 42 adolescent kids... Having fun! Booming voices! So, the other two wake up, come downstairs, we sit at the table at 6 am, drinking coffee and tea.

Sent him to bed with a hot water bottle to get some sleep, dad is off to get some sleep too, twins back to bed again.

Yes you can count! That leaves me at the table with another cup of coffee...
Let's start some seminola bread with a starter..
You know what? Let's start another dough to make sticky cinnamon buns..
Ah well... what about a challah?

It is 11.48 now, three one bowl rising, buns rising, semolina formed, two boys showered and dressed, third in the shower, second load in the washer, bags unpacked, dad still sleeping in the shower.
I'm afraid I am not going to make it till 12 tonight...
Shower sounds good.
At least we will have fresh bread. A lot.
To be continued..


  1. 6 days in the company of 42 adolescent kids...I would guess his voice would be booming. But I love the picture of you all around the table having coffee. What a joyful memory. I know all about your kitchen with that...the unfolding of those young lives around your kitchen table.
    Wonderful that he had such a great time.
    You blow me away with all the goodies that come out of your kitchen.
    Wow do you have bread!

  2. Moi,

    Wens Floris ook van mij een welkom thuis.
    En alvast "Veul hail en zegen"

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog--i haven't baked the no-knead bread again, have you? I can, however, see that you are a bread baking fiend. Those sticky buns look tasty.


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