Friday, August 11, 2006

Römertopf baking or cloche

Routine is kicking in, and we're back to baking. While the twins were staying with my parents, Floris and I enjoyed a one-child trip to Nijmegen and the walking tour permitted us to sneak into a few shops as well. (There is an awesome child book store in Nijmegen!) We bartered: games-shops against mine (cooking supplies, antiques). Luckily we're both avid readers so books were no trouble at all.

In De Slegte (second hand book chain) I found two gems! Beth Henspergers "Bread for all seasons" and Nigel Slaters "Appetite" both for next to nothing! It really pays off to browse.

I am very happy with Beth and the first bread I baked was this one, in the Römertopf (or cloche). Very tasty bread, I really like the crust on this one, crackly and beautifully browned rustic appearance.


  1. That is fantastic!! No, I mean really fantastic!!
    Everything I've done out of Bread for all seasons I've loved. All of her books are beautiful and every loaf has been beautiful.

  2. Looks sooooo good!!!!
    Please sent me the recipe of that bread!In the meanwhile I'm going to dig out my Romertopf , somewhere.

  3. This loaf looks fantastic! I have one of Beth's books : Baking Bread - Old and New Traditions which is a gem and Tanna gave it to me. Her plumber recommended it for the whole wheat croissants on page 129!! Keep baking!

  4. Mmmmhhh this looks like a real rustic bread of the type which is so typical for Austria and for which so many people are longing. You can make it ! Well done...

  5. oh I love a crackly crust. This bread looks marvellous!


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