Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blackberry jelly - Bramengelei

Jewels on rusks (beschuit)

This is not much of a recipe as well as a guideline, since I used the remaining amount of blackberries and made some pectine out of the left-overs of a Pomelo I attacked in the morning. Never let things waste!
Cooking by the seat of my pan(t)s, here is what I did:

First I boiled the plum stones and the inner part of the pomelo (membranes and some clinging flesh) in water, let it boil and reduce for about 10-15 minutes. Put through a sieve, discard and the boiling water added to:

190 gr pectin water
760 gr blackberries
2 red plums, quartered, destoned
2 ts juniperberries, crushed

On high heat, boil till plums are really soft and the blackberries are almost falling apart. Use a jelly bag or a layer of cheesecloth to extract juice.

Measure the juice into a kettle, I had approx. 450 ml and topped it off with a raspberry-berry wine to 500 ml. Add 330 grms of sugar and stir well. Starting on low heat till sugar dissolves, then boil over high heat until jelly mixture forms slow drops from your spoon. Remove from heat and spoon into hot sterilized containers and seal.
This resulted in a beautiful jewel dark purplish jelly with a real powerful flavour.


  1. Ummm...I'm thinking Blackberry jelly - Bramengelei on Fougasse! And a cup-a-joe! Oh, then we'd be all set for laughs and chat!!! Wahoo!

  2. So I learned today what a pomelo is! And juniperberries added also. We use those to cook a lot of our game but never knew other uses! Looks like this would be good on your muffins also!

  3. Sue, I only learned about it yesterday while shopping I encountered this enormous green citrus something, took it home and went surfing for info...
    I tell you all about it later this week...

  4. Well, stil a little bit ill as I am, I think this will be my medicin....can't you come over and "Florence Nightingale" me, please. And a cup of tea with it...

  5. Ah. Beautiful. I adore blabkberries and this sounds , and looks truly inspired. Waiting to read about the pomelos. I'm hoping to make some apple pectin jelly this week, myself.


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